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2019: Earth's Mountain Glaciers Breaking Down Rapidly, Feeding 10 Inches Sea Level Rise by 2100

2019: Earth's Mountain Glaciers Breaking Down Rapidly, Feeding 10 Inches Sea Level Rise by 2100

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 June 2019



Kennicott Glacier
The Kennicott Glacier flows out of the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska. Regina Hock, UofA.
See it now... The Kennicott Glacier (gog mapguide) flows out of the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska. A new review of glacier research found that glaciers worldwide will lose up to 36% of their mass by 2100, resulting in almost 10 inches of sea level rise. By Regina Hock.


Mountain Glaciers Breaking Down

Melting Small Glaciers could add 10 inches to Sea Levels,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, May 22, 2019.


"...a future planet with a lot less ice and a lot more water."

Mountain Glacier Projection
Glaciers Lose up to 36%, Sea Level Up 10 Inches
"Glaciers worldwide are projected to lose anywhere from 18% to 36% of their mass by 2100, resulting in almost 10 inches of sea level rise."

"...the most comprehensive global comparison of glacier simulations ever compiled."

“We have more than 200 computer simulations, and they all say the same thing. Even though there are some differences, that’s really consistent.”

"...examined the mass changes for over 200,000 glaciers worldwide, totaling an area equal to the size of Texas."

Excluding Arctic & Greenland Glaciers
"...does not include the vast ice sheets in Greenland or Antarctica, whose behavior is different from mountain and land-based glaciers and which require unique modeling methods."

"Most research has focused on ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, due to their size and prominence, but the effect of smaller glaciers is significant."

The Message
“The clear message is that there’s mass loss—substantial mass loss—all over the world.”

Small Glacier's Big Contributions
“We confirm that they are really substantial contributors to sea level rise.”

"“Globally, there’s almost 10 inches of sea level rise by 2100 only from the smaller glaciers..."



Recent Glacier Research

May 2019
Asia's Departing Glaciers Provide Buffer against Drought

May 2019
Globe's Greatest Glaciers Going Away Quick

March 2018
Killing the Planet: End of Cold, Glaciers are Crashing


Recent Glacial Research


Sea Level Rise

Feb 2019
Ars Technica Reviews Recent Sea Ice, Sea Level Research

Feb 2019
Remote Petermann Glacier Uncorking Greenland Ice Once Thought Stable

Jan 2019
2019 Greenland Melting Expanding & Accelerating Rapidly

Feedback Effect
Jan 2019
Melting Ice Sheets Release Tons of Methane into the Atmosphere


Greenland’s Disappearing Ice

March 2018
West Greenland Melting: Fastest Seen in Modern Historical Record

Dec 2018
Greenland Ice Sheet Melt 'Off the Charts' Compared with past Four Centuries


Sea Level Rise

Dec 2018
Arctic Report Card Documents 'Cascading Effects' Of Warming Ocean Temperatures


Sept 2018
The End of Cold, 2018: Ice Caps Racing Away


Freak Winter Warming
Feb 2018
Climate Change, We are Killing the World: Massive 2018 Mid-Winter Arctic Warming


Freak Winter Warming
March 2019
Alaska Skips Mid-Winter to Experience Late Spring Conditions in March



Sea Level



The Bottom Line

Restoring American Greens

Radical Breakdown
We are in deep trouble. Our environment, climate, weather, and ecosystems are all rapidly and radically changing in lockstep with each other, and in conjunction with the normal ever-expanding populations, expanding production, and the typical unrestrained operations of, what I call, the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that's controlling our national institutions, and driving all our environmental, social, political, and ethical breakdowns forward.

Self-Restraint Required
Our breaking down our traditional climate, weather, and ecosystems will continue until we finally spectate the failure, the implosion of the never-ending expansion of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, as it finally drains our societies and brings down our ecosystems, or we stop it ourselves, before that point of, "corporate success."

New Balance Required
We can stop it by replacing the greed and corruption that's been dominating American politics for over a century, and thereby ruling over all of us today, with ethics, and ethical political restraints. At least we can construct a political system that, at least, prevents the corporate elite from openly bribing all the politicians.

I seek this because the only way we can truly begin to heal our environment is by putting our honest political ethics before our own, and our corporate elite's, greedy personal desires. These basic reforms are necessary just so that we even have a chance to honestly address the core causes of our dramatic environmental breakdowns: We've got to break through the political, personal, press, and institutional corruptions that are rift, shot through both parties, corruptions that have allowed, if not directly caused our environmental problems in the first place, so that we even have a shot at pulling both political and personal corruption out of our political institutions, by their roots...

New World Promise
At that time, only once we manage to dampen the corrupt political powers of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, will we even have a chance to earnestly address the sources of our environmental breakdowns, and begin the contraction of population and production that will bring us back not only within our own ethical restraints, but back within our planet's sustainable capacities.

These are the actions necessary to preserve what remains of our natural world.




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