Pacific Salmon Going Down Hard

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 July 2019



Salmon Populations Especially at Risk from Climate Change
Mapping Pacific salmon and steelhead vulnerabilities to climate change. PLOS

Mapping Pacific salmon and steelhead vulnerabilities to climate change. BIG. Credit to PLOS.


Pacific Salmon Going Down Hard

Some Pacific salmon populations are especially at risk from climate change,
PLOS, July 24, 2019.


Climate Change Vulnerable
"Four population groups of Pacific salmon in California, Oregon, and Idaho are especially vulnerable to climate change..."

US Coastal Waters
"To better understand the vulnerability of Pacific salmon, the authors studied 33 threatened or endangered population groups of Pacific salmon, encompassing local populations from the Mexican border to the Canadian border."

Current & Future Status
"...measured the magnitude of expected change in local environmental conditions, the capacity of the population group to adapt phenotypically to new climatic conditions, and the sensitivity of specific population groups to current environmental conditions."

Highest Risk
"Four population groups were found to be most at risk: Chinook in California's Central Valley, coho in northern California and Oregon, Chinook in the Columbia and Willamette River basins in Oregon, and sockeye in the Snake River basin of Idaho. All 33 studied population groups were found to be vulnerable to elevations of stream and sea surface temperatures as well as ocean acidification. However, some population groups were more affected than others by local conditions, such as barriers to migration such as dams."


Bottom Line

The Pacific Salmon Fisheries had been devastated coming into the 1960s, when the rise of a strong American Middle Class had finally drawn together political organization to push back the corporate-industrial destruction on our natural environment, to finally question the imperial wars supporting evil monarchs and dictators around the world, and to demand Civil Rights for All Americans, expressed as demanding that Black America finally be included in our rich and powerful middle-classes. The responses of our corporate ruling class was immediate and profound.

Our borders were opened to massive legal and illegal immigration, which began to put heavy, "internal," market pressures on the wages, wealth, and working conditions of the rebellious Middle-Class Americans, while at the same time, "externally," began moving America's Manufacturing Base to China. By the 1980s the majority of the wealth and power of the American Middle Class was rapidly being transferred to the very top of our evil corporate elite using offshoring and illegal immigration.

That's how our corporate elite responded to these middle class threats to their ascendancy: They Destroyed the Middle Class.

One-Two Punch
To Environment & Society
As these policies were internally moving an overwhelming majority of the financial and political power of our country into the hands of the very top of our financial elite, physically, the unleashing of completely environmentally unregulated industrialism in China multiplied the environmental devastation that manufacturing these products in the US would have produced under reasonable regulation. That environmental destruction was and is, "monetized," in China, and pocketed here as, "profits," by our corporate elite.

The Vortex of Greed
At the same time our general environment was being attacked by China (with the assistance of our corporate elite...) our corporate elite was busy overpopulating every part of the US they possibly could, driving domestic wages ever-further down, while pushing up basic demand for every aspect of life, while putting severe pressure on local food, water, and housing for humans, and everything in the local environment that Nature needed to survive.

These policies have not only allowed our corporate elite to asset strip our society and environment, which has made Gavin Newsome's Sponsors even more wealthy and powerful than they were before, but they have, intentionally, in grand acts of trechery against anyone's most simple conceptions of man, god, nation, and nature, triggered the generalized degradation of the infrastructures of man and nature we are watching accelerate around us.

These social and natural declines will continue as long as we keep doing what we're doing that got them started. Either greed is controlled by our Constitutional, Self-Restraining Ethics, or Greed continues to control our political and economic fates, and the fate of our environment. In that case, its game-over, and things are going to get real ugly on all fronts.

We can either undo these terrible policies of social, political, and environmental destruction, or continue to tolerate this open greed and corruption as we watch their consequences rip apart the living webs of life around us on this planet. In either case, the fate of the salmon, and much of the complex life on this planet, are now completely in our hands. Either we restrain ourselves, or our destruction of our relationship with Nature, and each other, will.



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