FROGS & AMPHIBIANS: New Count Finds More Trouble

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 May 2019



Sierran Treefrog
Noble Lake, Carson Iceberg Wilderness, PCT-TYT, more info.
Noble Lake, Carson Iceberg Wilderness, PCT-TYT, more info. Frog Forum.


New Count Finds More Trouble

Many more amphibian species at risk of extinction than previously thought,
Yale University, May 6, 2019.


"Amphibians are highly threatened and are declining worldwide at an unprecedented rate."

"...1,012 additional species of amphibians who have now been newly identified as at risk of extinction..."

"Until this study, less than two-thirds of all amphibian species had been assessed for extinction risk by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)..."

New Analysis
"...used relationships on the amphibian family tree and ecological similarities (shared habitats and habits) between species worldwide to construct a model for predicting the extinction risk of poorly-documented species based on the existing data for their better-documented cousins."

Expanded View
"This new study...provides extinction risk predictions for an additional 25% of the world's amphibian species, or close to 2,200 species, which had not previously been assessed by the IUCN due to a lack of data."

New Species Status
"1,012 of these previously unassessed amphibian species are "Threatened" and that more than half are "Endangered" or "Critically Endangered."

Frogs at Risk
"...newly threatened species include poison frogs, glass frogs, South American rain frogs, gladiator frogs, and harlequin toads."

Harlequin Toad From The Genus Atelopus, by Luís Felipe Toledo.
Harlequin Toad From The Genus Atelopus, by Luís Felipe Toledo.
Many of these Frogs are also suffering from the Chytrid Epidemic.

"Our results newly pinpoint places where the right conservation actions could prevent near-certain species extinctions."

"...the regions rich in amphibian species are also the areas currently experiencing the greatest rates of forest loss and increases in human population, as well as greater fertilizer use, agricultural production, and irrigation -- all of which endanger habitats."


The Bottom Line

The Frogs & Amphibians are in grim global situation of threatening climate change, relentless disease, expanding habitat loss, and continual assaults of invasive species.


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