2019: Arctic Seasonal MAX & MINS on Steady Warming Trajectory

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 22 March 2019


Arctic Sea Ice
 NASA, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, & unknown.
Credits: NASA, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, & Linette Boisvert. Big.


Arctic Seasonal MAX & MINS on Steady Warming Trajectory

Arctic sea ice 2019 wintertime extent is seventh lowest,
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, March 20, 2019


Max Ice Extent on March 13

2019 Maximum
5.71 million square miles

Here's What 5.71 sq miles of Sea Ice Looks Like on March 13, 2019.
 NSIDC / NASA Earth Observatory.
Arctic Blue Marble 2019 Ice Max, Image credit: NSIDC / NASA Earth Observatory. Big.

7th Lowest in 40 Years of Sat Obs
“...tied with the 2007 maximum at seventh lowest in the 40-year satellite record.”

Best Max in Years
“Beyond its seasonal wax and wane cycles, Arctic sea ice extent has been plummeting during both the growing and melting seasons over the last 40 years. The 2019 maximum extent breaks a string of record or near-record lows that started in 2015...”

“...nothing this winter was as extreme or dramatic compared to recent years and the record lows.”

Yet..., “the maximum extent still points to there being a sustained decline in winter sea ice.”

Arctic Ice Lead
A big lead, or opening in the sea ice pack, in the eastern Beaufort Sea, credir NASA/Joe MacGrego.
A big lead, or opening in the sea ice pack, in the eastern Beaufort Sea, as seen from a NASA Operation IceBridge survey flight on Apr. 14, 2018, NASA/Joe MacGrego. Big.

2019 Area Below Average ice
332,000 square miles
Below the 1981 to 2010 average maximum,

 “...equivalent to missing an area of ice larger than the state of Texas.”

The Senior Ice Scientist Says...
“While this is not a record low year for the Arctic sea ice maximum extent, the last four years have been the lowest in our record, reflecting a downward trend in winter sea ice extent,” said NSIDC senior research scientist Walt Meier."

Rapid Changes Underway NOW
“This is just another indicator of the rapid changes that are occurring in the Arctic due to climate change.”

Future Prospects
No Old, Cold Ice Buffer
“...Multiyear ice, the older and thicker ice that acted like a bastion against melting for the rest of the sea ice cover, has mostly disappeared.”


The above was compiled from both the NASA & NSIDC reports.


National Snow & Ice Data Center

2019 Arctic Ice Maximum Report

 NSIDC Website


Last Winter

Second Lowest Max on Record:

 2018 Arctic Sea Ice Winter Maximum: Trend of Record Lows Continues


2017 Weird Year
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Climate Conditions are Changing Rapidly
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Sea Ice Minimum and Arctic Summer of 2017 Information: End of the Summer Melt, 8th Lowest of 13 Measured


The Bottom Line

Big Changes are Here
Bigger Coming
The annual Arctic Ice Max & Min events are just the two extreme measurements of a trajectory of rapid changes in temperatures, winds, climate, ocean/ice circulation, and weather that have been affecting every day of every season of every aspect of the reality of the Arctic itself, and altering the crucially vital role the Arctic plays in regulating and controlling weather around the whole of the Northern Hemisphere.

The reverberations of the rapid detabilization of the traditional annual trajectory of Arctic cooling and warming we have been observing for years has played a big role in the transformation of High Sierra weather from being dominated by the Arctic weather during Winter, to being predominantly under the influence of the tropics and subtropics.

A whole new weather age is dawning over the High Sierra Mountain Range, which is already destabilizing its interrelated flora & fauna...


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