The 2018 UN, “DUH,” Report

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 October 2018


The “DUH,” Report

'Incredibly grim' prognosis on global warming also carries clarion call for global action,
LA-LA Land Times, October 8, 2018.


“A major new report on global warming makes a chilling prediction: Without swift and sweeping worldwide intervention, some devastating effects of climate change will hit harder — and decades sooner — than previously expected.”

The report, released Monday by a U.N. organization... served as a stark reminder of President Trump’s status as a global outlier...”

(Really? Trump says Seven Degrees by 2100, which is the most realistic estimate I’ve yet heard from any government on the face of this planet...

“Trump has rejected the 2015 Paris agreement signed by 195 nations to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions...”

Paris is a Fraud: IT EXEMPTS CHINA & INDIA!!

Hansen Calls Paris "A Fraud"

This is Hilarious!

The irresponsible growth in population we’ve seen in Los Angeles during the last fifty years is exactly typical of the irresponsible growth that’s driven our state’s, and our planet’s, climate right over the edge!

Climate Change News: Whole Southwest of US Undergoing Aridification

Product of CGMD
That the LA LA Land Corporate Press blames Trump for the policies of unlimited immigration and offshoring that have destroyed our environment, the exact same policies that the LA LA Land Times has forwarded over the past fifty years, is sheer lunacy.

ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100

Not Advancing the Lie(s)
Trump’s crime is not maintaining the shared public delusion that the unlimited growth and offshoring the corporate state and their mouthpiece, lapdog press (I’m looking at you, LA Times!) have pushed over the past fifty years did not wreck our environment and our country at the same time, while calling it, “good.”

The LA Times is trying to, “have its cake and eat it too,” to pretend their advocacy of the policies of endless illegal population growth, powering an endless growth in the offshoring of our manufacturing to filthy third world countries is somehow, “good and green,” while Trump’s cutting off population growth and ending imports from environmentally-filthy tyrannical nations is, “bad.”

That’s just plain crazy corporate propaganda. The growth policies forwarded by the LA Times and our Corporate Growth Machine of Death are exactly what’s destroyed our ancient and traditional climate and weather patterns, after destroying our political protections.

Then they (LA LA Times) tout Jerry as some kind of authority on anything but destroying our state’s climate and culture, sacrificing both to the, “Gods of International Greed.”

Jerry Brown's True Legasy

Burning forests, a ruined climate, and dying ecosystems

Jerry's Plants
Dire Warning for California Plants
Half of You are Dead by 2100

These are the fruits of the unlimited internal and external growth Jerry has driven across his whole corporate-sponsored political career. Jerry has well served his true corporate masters, and he's hoping they will support his potential presidential candidacy in 2020, as an, "environmentalist," who fully supports unlimited domestic and international growth that have destroyed our environment.

Jerry is looking to be the perfect, "corporate green" candidate: Bought and Paid for on the Inside, "Green," on the Outside.


Jerry Brown Notes

CLIMATE CRASHING POLITICALLY: The Governor of, and for, Endless Growth of OIL CONSUMPTION


Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limit PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages


PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws


The Corporate Growth Machine of Graft, Greed, Grossness, and Finally, Death

How the Devils Straws is Really “Working:” Political Arrogance, Corruption, Lying, and Cheating


You will grow to 50 Million+ in Ca by 2050, or we will Kill you Trying…

Brown & Dems Stuffing The Twin Tunnels Down our Throat


“Without dramatic steps to reduce use of fossil fuels and lessen the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air, global temperatures could reach a tipping point in only a dozen years...”

More "Growth?"
Aren't We Poor Enough, Yet?
Well, according to the LA LA Land Times we should allow another 20 million illegals into the country during this next dozen years, give them driver’s licences, all to help expand China’s filty manufacturing even further, as they’ve advocated doing during the past fifty years of irresponsible growth and offshoring?

Illegals in LA cannot afford big screen TVs, unless they are manufactured by Chinese quasi-slave labor, with no pollution control.

Traitor Talk
It is time to stop listening to the corporate owned lapdog media who’ve sold our country down the river… I am really-really tired of hearing how far above our laws & political principals the Dims believe that their, "morality," is...

No one is above our law, no matter what Jerry, the Dims, and the LA LA Times have been saying over the past fifty years of them putting themselves and foreigners above our laws and rules...

No Physical Faults
“Not only is this report the scientific gold standard, if there’s anything wrong with it, it’s that the assumptions are conservative.”

Moral Faults
The science is correct, but science does not identify the fact that it’s the corporate politician’s, and the corporate media’s corrupt policies of endless domestic growth and international offshoring that brought us to this point of climate breakdown, and that continuing these policies of irresponsible greed-driven growth will just slam the door shut on saving our environment even faster than they have been doing for the last five decades.

Our faults are not just physical, but ethical and moral, as our corporate elite and their followers betray our own constitutional values, as they destroy our surrounding environment, in their relentless greedy pursuit of ever-expanding wealth and power.

Their chase is coming to an end, either by us citizens stopping it, or by nature stopping it.

It's a Race!
Who's going to curb corporate fascism first? Man or Nature?

Our Duty
We’ve got a duty to stop all this cheating, just being citizens of this nation, if not as citizens of this planet, and shut the door on continuing either of these irresponsible growth policies that have so badly damaged our country and our planet, any further into the future: “Globalization,” and Immigration must be terminated. Now.

Failure of Paris
“It called for keeping future human-caused warming to 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to the previous agreed-upon cap of 1.8 degrees F. Global temperatures have already risen an average of about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels.”

Regular readers of Tahoe to Whitney have been following recent climate model research, as well as the rapidly unfolding ecological consequences of these rapid changes, are well aware that Paris failed before it ever began.
Corporate environmentalism that maintains the status-quo of endless growth while exempting China & India are completely irrelevant to effective environmentalism.

Climate Model Research

Worse models the Best?

Two Degrees Already Baked In

Improved Models Show Grim Future

Four Degrees by 2084

The Full Monty
The only way to do that, to effectively dampen CO2 growth, is to completely cut off immigration and offshoring, then engage full pollution-control regulation here in the US, and insist all who trade with us do exactly the same, including our corporations’, “cut-outs,” of China & India, where they moved all our manufacturing to specifically avoid pollution-control, as well as middle class wage costs.

"Globalism," is a scam. It is the race to the bottom for the quality of life for humans and nature.

A Full Stop
The US must adapt  policies of Zero quantitative (population) growth, and finally restricting ourselves only to domestic qualitative growth, to repair the environmental, political, social and economic damages these last fifty years of irresponsible growth have done to our state, our country, and our whole planet’s environment. That is how we lead the way in effective, bottom-up, democratic republic, democracy, and environmentalism.

We need to take a, "Pause for the Cause."

I call it being an, “American Environmentalist,” as opposed to the corporate greens, who are just fronting for the Corporate Growth Machine of Death that's corrupted our people and politics to damage our nation and planet.

Criminal Status Quo
Continuing the status-quo of domestic and international growth is tantamount to perpetuating genocidal crimes against both man & nature, as both of our corporate parties have done over the last fifty years of their shared policies of irresponsible international and domestic growth.

And, they will not allow anyone or any nation to alter the irresponsible growth policies that have allowed them to steal the wealth of our nation and the world over the last fifty years of irresponsible growth.
So, it would be wise to expect that the only real changes to alter the policies of, "endless growth and globalism," to come out of chaos, when this corrupt system of endless growth they’ve stuffed down our throats fails, and falls right through the web of lies they’ve woven to “hide” their shameful greed and corruption.

"We," being our corporate elite, will not be, “good,” and restrain ourselves because it is the, “good,” thing to do, but our corporate elite will only restrain themselves after their greed has finally broken our polity and ecology.
Then, they will be, “good,” because they have-to, because being greedy has again stripped man and nature of their resources, as greed and corruption always do…

None of this shit is new, just bigger than ever before in human history. Our Rev Forefathers tried to forestall the formation of aristocracy, but the Robber Barons betrayed them, and here we are...

Growing to Failure
That, “growth to failure point,” is exactly the trajectory our corporate leadership and corporate press have run our country down, and they are still pushing the same irresponsible growth that stripped our nation and nature, even as the wheels fly off our society and our environment...

Storm Riders
Enjoy the Ride, cause everything is going to pick up a whole lot of speed as we go flying into our self-created catastrophic future...




How are You Enjoying the Ride?



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2018 grim UN climate change report, Duh!



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