ECO-CRASHING NEWS, 2018: Scope, Depth, & Future of Global Warming Explored

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 October 2018

The Original Article, from June 2018 is REPOSTED below,
now with an article added that was posted on Oct 1, 2018:
"Crashing through Long-Term Tipping Points."


Original Article

Scope, Depth, & Future of Global Warming Explored

What happened last time it was as warm as it’s going to get later this century?
Ars Technica, June 18, 2018.


"Like the Middle Miocene"

Middle Miocene Antarctic Vs. Antarctic Today
The Miocene Antarctic vs Antarctic Today, Caption, image credit Richard Levy & UW@Madison
The Miocene Antarctic vs Antarctic Today, image credit Richard Levy & UW@Madison from, "Antarctic ice sheet could suffer a one-two climate punch."

 Original Article

"The year 2100 stands like a line of checkered flags at the climate change finish line, as if all our goals expire then."

"...the climate won’t stop changing in 2100. Even if we succeed in limiting warming this century to 2ºC, we’ll have CO2 at around 500 parts per million. That’s a level not seen on this planet since the Middle Miocene, 16 million years ago, when our ancestors were apes. Temperatures then were about 5 to 8ºC warmer not 2º, and sea levels were some 40 meters (130 feet) or more higher, not the 1.5 feet (half a meter) anticipated at the end of this century by the 2013 IPCC report."

Why the Difference between Models and Past Realities?


"Earth takes time to respond to changes in greenhouse gases. Some changes happen within years, while others take generations to reach a new equilibrium. Ice sheets melting, permafrost thawing, deep ocean warming, peat formation, and reorganizations of vegetation take centuries to millennia."


We've Unleashed a MONSTER...

“In short, climate models tend to under-predict the magnitude of climate change relative to geologic evidence."

"Even if greenhouse gas emissions were to cease completely tomorrow, sea levels are committed to keep rising for centuries from thermal expansion and melting glaciers; ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland are also committed to keep melting from the heat already built into the climate over recent decades. And because CO2 lasts a long time in the atmosphere, in the absence of geoengineering to remove it, the world will overshoot any of our end-century temperature targets and stay elevated for centuries."

(The Human Chicxulub: 100,000 year disruption)

"But those don’t explain the entire gap, which suggests we’re missing some other amplifying feedbacks."


The Remainder of ARS Article Above Covers;

a Discussion of Aridification

a Discussion of Sea Level Rise

a Discussion of Sea Ice

ARS comes to the conclusion that Our Only Hope is in Our Ignorance? That we are really more stupid than evil? That's it!? Maybe we did not break it as bas as it seems?

That these Fool's Hopes are even discussed by rational journalists is yet another signal of just how our unbalancing our environment in the present is going to play out very badly in the future, yet another indication that what we've done now is nothing compared to what we're going to experience as our self-created future unfolds...over the next hundred thousand years of seriously disrupted weather patterns, until natural equilibrium finally returns.



Added October, 2018:

Two New Climate Analysis: Short Term, A New Form of Climate Analysis. Long Term: Crashing Through Tipping Points



Wadda ya think? Post up your perspective below.






When Was That?

Geological Time Scales, US Geo Society.

Geo Time Scales, Wiki.




"Archaeological Climatology"
Past as Prologue
Find below a series of other comparisons of our current situation with atmospheric configurations of the past, what I call,  "Archaeological Climatology;"


PETM Disaster Shows Grim Connections between Climate Change & Warming Oceans

The Past Foretells the Future; Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum


CO2 Increase a Time Machine Back to the Palogene Era


Humans are equal to The Big Volcano and The Big Rock from Space?
How do you like your frogs cooked? Self & Slow, or Naturally Quick?
(The Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE))


Life in the Pliocene
Climate Crash News: Status of East Antarctic Ice



Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption?




NASA Global Report

Climate Impact and Fine Imagery of Glaciers, Storms, Fires, and Clouds


California EPA Report

CEPA Report Shows How Ancient California Ecosystems Destroyed in a Century




Humans are Equal to The Big Volcano(s) and The Big Rock from Space?




Climate Models

Climate Change News. Not an Improving Situation: Improved Climate Modeling Sees the Grim Future of the US: More Extremes Here



More-severe climate model predictions could be the most accurate











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