HEALTH & STATUS of LAKE TAHOE: 2018 State of the Lake Report

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 August 2018


2018 State of the Lake Report

IN HOT WATER? Lake Tahoe sees decreased clarity, highest ever surface water temps in 2017,
Sierra Sun, August 2, 2018.

Introduction to the Destruction of Lake Tahoe
The external, environmental factors that are clouding and warming Lake Tahoe’s waters are accelerating, not diminishing. Where we are “at” right now is just one step along a much longer path to a much warmer, wetter climate, where the majority of our annual precip will fall as rain, rather than snow.

High Sierra Forest Succession
These climate changes are being accompanied by, triggering really, what is looking like a great High Sierra forest succession. It looks to me like we’ve created a situation where the climate and weather no longer suit the contemporary stratification of forests on the West Flank of the Sierra, and they are in the process of transforming into forests that are better suited for the new, emerging hotter climate. Tree Mortality and Fire are the method of succession.

Thus the widespread tree mortality and vast forest fires we are experiencing are actually part of this forest succession our idiot behavior itself has triggered.

The Problem is not in Nature
To get to this point of drought, flooding, and fire, American greed had to long-ago cross its own, “tipping-point,” before our irresponsible domestic growth and offshoring could push Nature across its tipping-point.


Main Points of Article

"...the highest surface water temperatures ever recorded at Lake Tahoe.. and...the worst clarity readings since regular measurements of the lake began in 1968."

The New Normal
"We continue to find the 2017 clarity readings to be both alarming and yet not surprising... Climate scientists have predicted that the conditions that prompted Tahoe's low clarity could well become the new normal."

"During 2017, a year marked by extreme weather..."

The New Normal

Cal to Ride the Tiger: Climate Change Weather Extremes to Lash California

Our Ecological Consequences: Rising Average Temps, Extremes of Hot & Cold

“Environmental Restoration??”
“...2017 may be viewed as an anomalous year, it has reinforced the fact that progress toward environmental restoration of Lake Tahoe will be punctuated by extreme years in future decades,"

The End of Tahoe as We Know It: Water Clarity in Steady Decline

The Bottom Line
We are Slowly and Steadily Destroying Lake Tahoe

"Monitoring these extreme years and applying the lessons learned will be critical to ensuring that the lake and its watershed has the resilience needed to thrive under future conditions."

Better than Nothing
"I have to keep warning people every year it can fluctuate wildly, so we're tracking that long-term trend and that trend is very different than the trend was when all this started 15 years ago. If we continued the trend it was on (15 years ago), the clarity would be a lot worse, so things have improved."

Can the Lake Survive the New Normal?
“Continued warming and extreme climatic events such as drought and wetter-than-average winters are focal points moving forward for the League to Save Lake Tahoe, as the organization continues its more than 60-year effort to safeguard the lake.”

Smart Perspective
"To ensure the protection of Lake Tahoe, all planning and management decisions for the Lake should take a precautionary approach and assume that last year's numbers may not be an outlier.”

The New Normal
“With the summer of 2018 winding down...measurements from this year have shown similar surface water temperatures as last year...they're just as warm this year as they were last year. Last year's warming wasn't a one-off event."

Rising Heat Continues: Another "Hottest" Record Set for Summer of 2017

Climate Crash News, Weird Weather: Heat Wave-a-topia, More Heat Waves Coming

Lack of Deep Water Mixing
Hypoxia Dead Zone Threat
“The lake's cycle of deep-water mixing, which brings oxygen to deep waters and releases large amounts of heat, hasn't happened in six years, according to the report.”

“In winter, surface waters cool and sink, which brings oxygen deeper into the lake, promoting aquatic life throughout the water column.”

"We're at the point where it's the longest it's been since it has mixed deeply...The big concern is if it doesn't mix at the bottom of the lake, the oxygen just continues to get consumed, and so at what point will that happen?"

“Compounding the issue in 2017 was a record level of nitrogen and phosphorous loads entering the lake, the report says, due to high streamflow.”

Warmer, Wetter, & Shorter Winters
"What we need is a really cold winter."


The End of Cold, 2018: Arctic Mountain Glaciers Melting Rapidly

The Trend Continues: Everything Melting, The End of Cold



Tahoe State of the Lake Report Released

How Clarity, Climate, Forests, and More are Faring at One of the World's Most Famous Lakes, UC Davis, July 26, 2018. 

Main Points

Current Status
"Lake Tahoe’s average annual clarity in 2017 was at its lowest level, 59.7 feet, since regular measurements began in 1968."

"Lake temperature was the warmest on record. Surface water temperatures in July 2017 were the warmest ever recorded at 68.4 degrees, which was 6.1 degrees more than in 2016."

"Nitrogen and phosphorus loads were also at record levels in 2017 due to high streamflow. Suspended sediment was also high, particularly in Ward and Blackwood creeks."

Future Environment
"The results suggest air temperatures will rise by 7 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit between now and the end of the century. The watershed will also dry considerably, particularly on the north and east sides, adding to forest stress and wildfire risk."

Current Forests
"Forests surveys in 2009 and 2017 — before and after the drought — showed increased mortality throughout the Tahoe Basin."

Download Full Report PDF


2018 Tree Mortality Mitigation: Feds To Remove Millions Of Dead-Dying Trees From California’s Forests:
“I give wildfire a higher chance of removing these trees than I give the BLM...”

Beetles Devastate Western Pines, Heat, Droughts, Beetles, & Fires All Continue Rising

Tree News, Dire Warning for California Plants: Half of You are Dead by 2100




The End of Tahoe as We Know It: Water Clarity in Steady Decline


Lake Tahoe Link List


Climate Change News: Sierra Snowpack Far Below Normal is a Wakeup Call



Corporate "Environmentalism" is a Complete Joke
A Fucking Farce

PG&E Spends $1 Million+ on Bribes to Brown, Dims, & California officials to Evade Wildfire Laws

Jerry Brown: Corporate Green Leader of California

Corporate Greens: Finishing Off California Fish

Predictable Failure of the Fake Corporate Greens



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2018 Lake Tahoe state of the lake report


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