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2018 FIRE THREAT PROFOUND: Three Fire Stories | High Sierra Backpacker

2018 FIRE THREAT PROFOUND: Three Fire Stories

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 May 2018



Three California Fire Stories


Fire in Foothills stokes Fears

Jerry & Dems Caused the Problem

State & Local Officals Declare Profound Fire Dangers


Wildfire, Climate, and Forest Links





Fire in Foothills stokes Fears

Small Fire on West Flank

Fire in Madera County prompts warning,
Sierra Star, May 11, 2018.

 half-acre, an early warning for a dangerous upcoming season.


Also See

East Flank

April 20
Big Early Spring Fire in Owens Valley

1,265 acres. Danger already blows around Owens Valley


Our Situation

High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms



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Jerry & The Dems Caused this Problem


Burning forests, a ruined climate, and dying ecosystems

Gov. Brown orders major offensive against wildfire threat,
SF Crate, May 10, 2018.

“Its clear we’re facing a catastrophic shift in our forests,” Laird said. “Science tells us that these trends will only be exacerbated by climate change."


Our Situation

High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms




Because we've doubled our population in the forty-seven years from 1970 to 2017. This vast population increase has broken our environment through simple overdevelopment, by using too much land, drawing too much water, by planting too many crops, and by supercharging the engines of climate and cultural destruction by moving all our manufacturing for all these increasing number of people to the Filthy Factories of China, Mexico, and India.

That's why our weather has changed and our forests are burning, because we are more greedy than honorable, honest, or responsible. It's Jerry's policies of endless illegal immigration and endless offshoring that's pushing the climate change itself, and pushing our climate right off a cliff.

Jerry does nothing to identify, let alone address the true sources of these environmental damages. The true sources of our environmental problems are irresponsible growth. Specifically, Jerry's completely irresponsible policies of out of control illegal and legal demographic growth matched with brutal over-development in California. Those are just the domestic behaviors that've triggered the burning forests. These burning forests are the consequences of Jerry Brown and his Corporate Growth Machine of Death's long term irresponsible growth and development policies have already created and are advancing every day.

Jerry just deals with the consequences of his policies, never their causes.

‘It’s literally drill, baby, drill’: Did Jerry Brown’s climate crusade give Big Oil a pass?

Thus burning forests, a ruined climate, and dying ecosystems (not to mention an impoverished middle class, breaking their school system, and a  throughly degraded infrastructure) are Jerry Brown's true legasies, these are the true children of his policies of endless irresponsible domestic growth and offshoring our manufacturing.

Jerry does identify the results and consequences of his irresponsible growth policies, which are currently unstoppable massive forest fires (thanks, Jerry!), but without ever addressing the real causes and the real solutions required to stop the progress of our climate degradations, if not turn them back: All of the industrially-manufactured, "consumer products," used by the massively-expanded populations in America are now manufactured in China, where there are ZERO pollution controls, a brutal Chicom Stalinist-Style dictatorship (of one party!), near slave labor conditions, and zero social welfare.

We stop this beast by stopping it from expanding any larger, from becoming any more obese, by stopping all immigration, as we simultanously bring all offshored manufacturing onshore, to American standards of wages, working conditions, benefits, and the social infrastructure we once had supporting the American middle class.

We need to start bringing the world up to our real domestic political and social standards, rather than us rushing down to theirs. But, that must, "start at home!"

It's far past time to hunker-down, and fix our society from the bottom up, from the basic health of our plants, animals, water and weather, which honestly, means starting with the poorest American Worker.
We can worry about our corporate overlords and their foreign minions after we take first care of our country's general welfare first, rather than allowing our corporate overlords and their foreign minions to first gratify their personal greed and satisfy their shared corruptions at our, and our nation's expense.

Thus, Jerry will never forward the responsible balanced policies necessary to save our state or our planet's environment. If he did advance responsible policies the corrupt profits that he, his party minions, and the corporate elite who's bribing both of our political parties depend on would be insufficient to maintain their control of California's resources, wealth, politics and power, let alone their luxurious lifestyles.
If he did, it would show that Our State and Nation's wealth was back in the hands of our citizens, mostly in the middle class, living in a beautiful state no longer being asset-stripped for short-term profits.

The wealth of our nation is concentrated at the tip-top of our corporate elite, and they have and are voraciously asset-stripping our environment and economy, as I write this.

The Democrats believe they have the "right" to sell our environment, their honor, and our country's resources, rights, and ethics to their corporate overlords, so they can retain their personal grips on power.
That is likely true, that they do have to cheat, since they imported and legalized their own, "constituiency," and have little support from any of the few real Americans still remaining in California.

The Democrat's positions and policies reflect the fact that their religion of personal greed blended with selfish self-interest has overwhelmed the mutual obligations, ethics, and the philosophical principals of the Constitutional Pact that ties all real Americans together in citizenship, let alone any recognition of American soveregnity itself, or even the thought of effective borders, or the concept of all Americans being bound by the same shared rules of law.

California Democrats have organized their power by first, very gradually, step by small step, breaking our Constitution's mutual democratic defences against aristocracy and empire, before they could really attempt to dissolve our soveregnity and borders.

Following our own Constitutional "rules" would end the Democrat's hold on power in California, eliminating 90% of their constituienncy, so they've instead betrayed our country.

We are no longer a country capable of controlling our desires with our ethics. Our desires have overwhelmed our ethics, meaning that the American restraints imposed by our Rule of Law itself, that noone may impose themselves, their beliefs, their speech, and the restraints required by their own beliefs on any other citizen.

The Democrats are above all those restrictions, and will impose their own beliefs on everyone else, "by any means necessary," as they put it. Thus is how our rule of law has been overruled by the desires of greedy men, and their minions.
The secondary consequence of these irresponsible growth policies are that they've also betrayed Nature, after our corporate elite's pursuit of wealth and power through brutal on-and-offshoreing betrayed our country.
The Dems have pushed California's population and consumption past all its Social, Economic, and Environmental tipping points.

Thus, our forests will burn, along with a lot of other things.

The benefit to the Dems is that Mexicans are above the law in California, and Jerry and the Dems are therefore able to provide their corporate "sponsors" with fully state-subsidized illegal cheap labor at a very low cost.
This is good for, "everyone," except our expiring middle class, our crappy schools, the crashing quality of our environment, the crashing quality of our lives, and our supposedly being citizens because we mutually agree on our fundamental shared Constitutional Values, which all fundamentally add-up to the right of each of us to control our own destinies.

Nope, now  it's every cheater for themself, here in California, while Democrats and Mexicans are above the Rule of Law itself...

Jerry, the Dems, the Mexicans, and their Corporate Sponsors are all "above" all our laws...above being Americans...they are all about making money and feathering their own nests by putting their own interests above our mutual compact and general welfare...

You know what happens when the greedy get in charge? If not, you need to read some history...

Any jobs our corporate-mexican politicans cannot "fill" with cheap subsidized foreign labor here in California will be "exported" to filthy Mexico, China, or even India as quickly as they possibly can.
It's a sad statement that this is the best government all their greed and our stolen money can put together nowadays. Despite all their relentless propaganda, the Corporate Elite and their parties really are not fooling anyone...just cheating everyone, and Mother Nature too.



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Gathered in Santa Rosa, officials proclaim new level of wildfire danger,
Press Democrat, May 9, 2018.

"...“Throughout California, we are experiencing more fires, more acres burned, more homes destroyed, and just in general more intense fires."

"...residents need to recognize that fire, as a result of a host of factors including climate change, is now a year-round threat, Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott said."



Our Situation

High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms



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Wildfire, Climate, and Forest


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15 to 30% Average Loss



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is now
A Ring of Forest Fire
California Leads the Way to Destruction



Wildfires Worsening Year on Year




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May 2018 News of Man & Nature




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 2018 California wildfire danger profound three stories


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