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2017 Floods, Fires, Storms: Most Expensive Disaster Year Ever | High Sierra Backpacker

2017 Floods, Fires, Storms: Most Expensive Disaster Year Ever

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 January 2018



Eco Crash News
2017 Floods, Fires, Storms

Most Expensive Disaster Year Ever

2017 was costliest year ever in U.S. for weather, climate disasters,
SF Crate, January 8, 2018.


306 Billion Dollars, 362 Deaths

“If we’re just hoping for fewer disasters, we can forget about it. There’s going to be more disaster and it’s going to be worse...”


What are the costs of our "growth," the "growth" of our greed that feeds the profits of our traitor corporate elite? We can look at the drained pensions, benefits, medical systems, schools, streets & highways. We can look at the foreign & domestic poverty our corporate leaders have spread all over our country to advance their profits.
We can look at the 20 trillions of dollars given to our corporate overlords that's sitting over our heads as our National Debt.

We can look at where the wealth of the middle class dissappeared to, up to our corporate elite, as they employed legions of fully state-subsidized criminal foreigners to asset strip man and nature everywhere, here and in their factories around the whole frigging world.

Finally, we can just look around at our depleated, trashed ecosystems and the weird-ass weather that being greedy evil corporate consumer devils for so long has finally induced.
We humans can "get-away" with a lot, but fundamentally unbalancing Mother Nature's World and Weather is never a good idea, and not one of the things we can "get-away" with.

We can get-away with screwing each other over, but nobody gets away with screwing Mother Nature. The brutal balances of Mother Nature makes Mexican Cartels look like kindergarnders: You Will Pay for Every Encroachment on Her Balance of Life that happen during your "watch" here, while our corporate elite and their minions were busy cheating each other.

Our "generations" are just entering their "payment period" for our indiscretions.

Now We Are Paying

2017's fine weather produced, "...an annual total-cost record of $306 billion, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."

"Last year was the nation’s third-warmest since record keeping began in 1895, according to NOAA. Every state except Hawaii saw an above-average annual temperature for the third year in a row."

And that weather brought record-level destruction.

Karma's a Bitch...and the extent of our damages to Nature are just becoming apparent to the average greedy idiot, but long after the damages have already offset all of our corporate master's illicit profits, and has already broken the ability of Nature to provide the fertility to be drained to satisfy human greed & growing hungers for very much longer into the future.

The corporate elite is only now hanging on by printing money and lies, by greed and deception backed by violence, and by sucking the last bits of fertility out of Mother Nature.

Now, and long into the foreeseable future, we humans are going to experience increasing breakdowns in planetary fertility, fishery, husbandry, and crop reliability, all leading to significant, "-breakdowns in profitability,-" at exactly the same time our destabilized ecosystems and weather are delivering increasingly massive, unprecedented scale storms, myth-level droughts, and flood punishments worthy of remembering a long, long time, into the future of humanity.

We should always remember what the Spirit of Life does to those who abuse it...

As the old phrase goes, "Sow the Wind & Reap the Whirlwind," and we have well-sown the winds to induce the, "Mother of All Whirlwinds." The imbalances we have carved into Nature will bring their other fun friends, being fire, flood, disease, fear, war, famine, and fire. The Four Horsemen approach... induced and invited by our own behavior, and they are bringing all their friends!

This "Mother of all whirlwinds" will come sweeping out of the violated spirits of both Man & Nature, to neutralize the evil in humans that's troubled the interlocked balances and fertility of Man and Nature.

This is going to be entertaining as HELL!

We've already put all the necessary pieces into position and into play to, "trip up," our Natural Wonderland, indicating that this party's just getting started...


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