Hobbitbook 2013 Trail Report: Summit City Creek along the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail Route

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 July 2019

Hi Alex,

I had a great trip through Summit City Ck canyon last week... its BEE-OO-TEE-FUL! Wow, what a gem.

Finding the trail was just fine, probably because I was expecting the worst from your website description.

People had left many cairns to follow, and it seemed like a number of folks had been there already this year, leaving their trails to follow through bracken and undergrowth, including the enchanted forest.

The trail has a real personality, very playful, and it loves big trees. There were plenty of those in the enchanted forest - wow, what an incredible place. It feels so ancient in there.

I did want to report that someone left their mark in nail polish along the trail: On the Horse Creek signpost: "Danger Not Horse Safe," "Lost the trail 2.5 mi," "GPS needed"

Horse Canyon trail junction marred by Finger Polish Lady, Summer 2013.

Three miles further along, I found a long message written on an old piece of wood in nail polish, at a fire ring (campsite) at the top of the thick manzanita, including a self portrait (woman), the date June 14th 2013, and "couldn't find trail, returning to PCT".

Finally, at the lower ford of Summit City Ck, I found nail polish arrows on rocks!

Granite Boulders defaced near the lower Summit City Creek ford, Mokelumne Wilderness.

I couldn't believe someone thought their own personal saga was so important that they'd deface the wilderness with it.

Finger Polish Lady defaced the boulders near the lower Summit City Creek ford.

If you ever find out who it is, let me know. I think she should be made to come back and remove them! Maybe I could write some sagas of my own on her mailbox or driveway...

Thanks again for your website and descriptions of the Summit City Ck canyon. I felt well-prepared (no nail polish needed!)




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