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11 Year Sun Cycle Explained by Orbital Cycle of Planetary Alignments

11 Year Sun Cycle Explained by Orbital Cycle of Planetary Alignments

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 June 2019



Our Star
Extreme UV image of huge prominence, ESA/NASA/SOHO
Extreme UV image of huge prominence on Our Star, ESA/NASA/SOHO


11 Year Sun Cycle Explained by Orbital Cycle of Alignments

The Sun Follows the Rhythm of the Planets,
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, May 27, 2019.


11 Year Solar Cycle
"...the tidal forces of Venus, Earth and Jupiter influence the solar magnetic field, thus governing the solar cycle."

Elusive Cycle
"...past models have been unable to adequately explain the very regular cycle of the sun."

How Cause was Found
"...systematically compared historical observations of solar activity from the last thousand years with planetary constellations, statistically proving that the two phenomena are linked."

"There is an astonishingly high level of concordance: what we see is complete parallelism with the planets over the course of 90 cycles."

How it Works
"...planets are able to displace the hot plasma on the Sun's surface. Tidal forces are strongest when there is maximum Venus-Earth-Jupiter alignment; a constellation that occurs every 11.07 years."

Another Effect
"...a potential indirect mechanism that may be able to influence the solar magnetic field via tidal forces: oscillations in the Tayler instability, a physical effect that, from a certain current, can change the behavior of a conductive liquid or of a plasma."

"...the Tayler instability perturbs the flux and the magnetic field, itself reacting very sensitively to tiny forces."

Planetary Alignments Triggering Tayler
"The momentum required for this may be induced by planetary tidal forces every eleven years - ultimately also setting the rhythm at which the magnetic field reverses the polarity of the Sun."

Resolving Alpha & Omega
Discusses the effect that orbiting planetary alignments triggering the Tayler Effect in the Sun's surface plasmas may be having on the orbital twisting of magnetic fields along the Sun's equator, with their realignment to the Sun's North & South magnetic poles, and how that could be central to the 11 year Solar Cycle, if true, it firmly ties its timing to the configuration of the Sun's orbiting planets.

Stellar Plasma Rains off Magnetic Loops
 NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory/Emily Mason.
Magnetic Activity Rains Plasma onto the Surface of our Sun, Credits: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory/Emily Mason.


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