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Air Pollution Levels tied to Levels of Aggression and Violence



When Levels of Aggression and Violence Are, "In the Air..."

Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Violent Crime Rates, Study Finds,
Colorado State University, October 3, 2019.


Bad Air
"...found strong links between short-term exposure to air pollution and aggressive behavior, in the form of aggravated assaults and other violent crimes across the continental United States."

"The CSU researchers cross-analyzed three highly detailed datasets: daily criminal activity from the National Incident-Based Reporting System managed by the FBI; daily, county-level air pollution from 2006-2013 collected by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency monitors; and daily data on wildfire smoke plumes from satellite imagery provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Hazard Mapping System."

"The research results show a 10 microgram-per-cubic-meter increase in same-day exposure to PM2.5 is associated with a 1.4% increase in violent crimes, nearly all of which is driven by crimes categorized as assaults."

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Health & Fitness: Psycho Skies, Shitty Skies, Shitty People


Health & Fitness
Psycho Skies

Shitty Skies, Shitty People

Polluted air may pollute our morality,
Association for Psychological Science, February 7, 2018.

Creating the Crappy "Box" we Live Within:

"Exposure to air pollution, even imagining exposure to air pollution, may lead to unethical linked with unethical behavior such as crime and cheating. "

"Previous studies have indicated that exposure to air pollution elevates individuals’ feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is known to correlate with a range of unethical behaviors. Lu and colleagues hypothesized that pollution may ultimately increase criminal activity and unethical behavior by increasing anxiety."

"The researchers found that cities with higher levels of air pollution also tended to have higher levels of crime. This association held even after the researchers accounted for other potential factors, including total population, number of law enforcement employees, median age, gender distribution, race distribution, poverty rate, unemployment rate, unobserved heterogeneity among cities (e.g., city area, legal system), and unobserved time-varying effects (e.g., macroeconomic conditions)."


Imaginary Research?

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Pollution and Corruption Killing Man and Nature



Killing Man

The Research

Pollution responsible for 16 percent of deaths globally -- Lancet Commission report,


The News

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