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Lobotomizing the Web of Life: Coral Escape Limits

Study shows ocean acidification is having major impact on marine life,

University of Plymouth, July 27, 2018.

"Carbon dioxide emissions are killing off coral reefs and kelp forests as heat waves and ocean acidification damage marine ecosystems."

...researchers say that three centuries of industrial development have already had a marked effect on our seas."

"...if CO2 levels continue to rise as predicted, the coming decades and lowering seawater pH levels will have an even greater and potentially catastrophic impact."

Volcanic CO2 Seeps Mimic our Future

"Their predictions follow a comprehensive study of the effects of recently discovered volcanic CO2 seeps off Shikine Island, Japan, which is on the border of temperate and tropical climates."

"...the volcanic seeps indicate how rising CO2 levels will affect future ecology, both in the northwest Pacific Ocean and across the world."

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Ocean Life: Hope for Great Barrier Reef, Remnants to Survive a Hundred Years?


Ocean Life: Coral Survival
2 Pieces of Great Barrier Reef Research

#1> Hope for Great Barrier Reef?

Remnants to Survive a Hundred Years

Great Barrier Reef coral predicted to last at least 100 years before extinction from climate change,
PLOS, April 19, 2018.

"A common Great Barrier Reef coral species..."

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Anthropocene, Climate Change News, 2018: Warming Times, Coral on the Way Out



Climate Change News
The Anthropocene
Warming Times

Coral on the Way Out

The window for saving the world's coral reefs is rapidly closing,
ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies, January 4, 2018.

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Can corals survive climate change?



Climate Change News

Can Coral Make the Cut?

Can corals adapt to climate change?

Not unless we moderate our filth, which the fake environmentalism of the Corporate Greens and their Growth Machine of Death assures that we are not going to moderate growth at all, so “no,” coral will not “make the cut.”

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