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Fungal Antidote for Skunk Spray Found



Skunk, Skeezer, Pixabay.
Skunk, Skeezer, Pixabay.


Antidote for Skunk Spray Found

Fungal Compound Deodorizes Skunk Smell,
American Chemical Society, July 24, 2019.


Skunk Unique Defense
"When skunks feel threatened, they spray fluids from their anal glands that contain several nasty-smelling organosulfur compounds. The human nose can detect extremely low concentrations of these substances, making it difficult to completely rid clothing, hair, fur or skin of the stink."

Human Tech Insufficient
"Available "de-skunking" formulas often either don't work well or can irritate the skin and eyes."

New Fungal Champion
Pericosine A
"...researchers...have identified a compound from fungi that safely and effectively neutralizes skunk spray odor."

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Wolf Return Conflicts & Solutions

Dogs Present Genetic Threat



Endangered Wolves Moving into Northern California
Wolves Moving into Northern California. Lassen Pack 6, remote trail camera, June 29, 2017, CDFG.
Lassen Pack 6, remote trail camera, June 29, 2017, CDFG. Bigger, and More.


Wolf Return Conflicts & Solutions

The Return of the Wolves,
University of Freiburg, May 20, 2019.


Success Breeds Problems
"The current return of wolves to human-dominated landscapes poses a major challenge for the protection of this species."

This Study
"...analyzed the existing knowledge on how to deal with large carnivores living in the wild in Europe and other parts of the world."

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Waggle Dance Language Key: Science Finds The Rosetta Stone for Bees




Bee, Marked for Waggle Dance Reading
 Virginia Tech.
The researchers analyzed the dances of 85 marked bees from three hives. Credit: Virginia Tech


Science Finds The Rosetta Stone for Bees

Codifying the Universal Language of Honey Bees,
Virginia Tech, March 27, 2019.


Bee Language Key?
“...the researchers present an extraordinary foundational advance - a universal calibration, or for science fiction aficionados, a "babel fish," that translates honey bee communications across sub-species and landscapes.”

“The researchers analyzed the dances of 85 marked bees from three hives.”

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Global Bird Migrations Shifting With Climate


Migrations Shifting With Climate


Western Tanager near Kennedy Meadows
Western Tanager near Kennedy Meadows
Highway 108 at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station, Map.


Spring migration is now earlier in European and North American birds,
University of Helsinki, February 25, 2019.


“The greatest advances were found among short-distance migrants that winter in Europe or North America: about 1.5-2 days per decade. Long-distance migrants that winter in the tropics have also advanced the start of their migration, but only by approximately 0.6-1.2 days per decade.”

"Based on changes in median migration dates, birds have on average advanced their spring migration by a little over a week since the late 1950s."

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2019: Gray Wolves Protection Confirmed in California


Gray Wolves in California

OR-7 Leads the Way
Gray wolf OR7. CDFW photo by Richard Shinn.
Gray wolf OR7. CDFW photo by Richard Shinn.

Judge upholds protection for gray wolves in California,
AP, January 28, 2019.


Protections Upheld
“A California judge on Monday upheld protection for gray wolves under the state’s Endangered Species Act, rejecting a legal challenge from ranchers and farmers who fear the predators will threaten their livestock.”

“...California was right to list the wolves as endangered in 2014.”

“...California Farm Bureau Federation and the California Cattlemen’s Association argued the listing was arbitrary because there are so few wolves in the state.”

“A wolf known as OR-7 made headlines in 2011 when it traveled south from Oregon — making it the first known wolf in California since 1924.”

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Hunting Rules Change Bear Behavior: Longer Cub Rearing Favored, Short Gain traded for Long Decline


Bear News
Hunting Rules Change Bear Behavior

Longer Cub Rearing Favored, Short Gain traded for Long Decline

Hunting turns bear cubs into mama's boys (and girls),
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, March 28, 2018.

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Science News, On Earth: Stromatolites discovered in remote Tasmanian valley



Science News

A Rare Discovery

Ancient life form discovered in remote Tasmanian valley,
UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA, November 13, 2017.

In a place the more advanced life, the life that evolved by eating stromatolites, couldn't get to them. It used to be that life that we humans could not directly access was fairly safe, like the stromatolites and the snails. That's not true anymore.

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Fungus, Yellow, Eagle Creek, Toiyabe Wilderness

Identify this fungus

Location: Toiyabe National Forest, Mokelumne Wilderness, Pacific Crest Trail between Carson and Ebbetts Pass at Eagle Creek below Reynolds Peak.


Fungus in the Mokelumne Wilderness

Link to Trail Guide Page: Raymond Lake to Ebbetts Pass

Topo Hiking Map: Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass.

(Click red dots for specific Trail Guide pages>)


Any ideas what this is? As is typical for fungi, it is growing on a dead tree. Post through the comments link below.



Fungi of California

Comment or identify this fungus through the comments link below.


Fungus Research

Deadly Fungus?




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