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Welcome to the High Sierra History Forum. If you have general questions or comments this is the place to put them. The comments link sits at the bottom of the page.

The History Forum is composed of articles and information concerned with the history of the locations our trails cross in the mountains between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

There is a breadcrumb to go up a level to the topics in the History Forum at the top of this page bringing you to a list of all High Sierra History News & Information in the History Forum. Below you'll find an index of all articles & news published since June 5, 2017.

It all starts (or ends) with the Western Discovery of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range:

Western Discovery of Sierra Nevada, Early History of California


There is also a High Sierra History and Historical Monuments page with images, trail guide and road map locations of Historical markers. Post up your perspectives on High Sierra History and its Monuments here or there.

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Weed is a Very Old Medicinal & Fiber Crop



"The Chimney"
Oldest Weed Smoker in Existence
The typical brazier and burnt stones in ancient Pamirs. Xinhua Wu, at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.
The typical brazier and burnt stones in ancient Pamirs. Xinhua Wu, at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.


Weed is a Very Old Medicinal & Fiber Crop

The Origins of Cannabis Smoking: Marijuana use in the First Millennium BC,
Max Planck Institute, June 12, 2019.


"Cannabis plants were cultivated in East Asia for their oily seeds and fibre from at least 4000 BC."

Little Evidence
"Despite being one of the most widely used psychoactive drugs in the world today, there is little archaeological or historical evidence for the use of marijuana in the ancient world."

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Gobekli Tepe: The Highest Evolution of Human, “Field Arts.”



Göbekli Tepe, Şanlıurfa, Southern Turkey
Göbekli Tepe, Şanlıurfa, by Teomancimit.
By Teomancimit, big image.


A Deep Dive
The Long History of Human Field Operations

The Highest Evolution of Human, “Field Arts?”
Late Stone Age Man: The Ultimate Outdoorsmen

A First: Coming Out of The Field

Gobekli Tepe
Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple?
Smithsonian, November, 2008.

Gobekli Tepe,

Late Stone Age,
Operating from 11,600 to 8000 years ago

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EXPLORE: Modern Alaskan History, & Fall into the Classic Accounts of Ice & Snow Exploration



Physical History of Alaska’s Gold Rush

Iditarod: one of the last Gold Rush towns,
AGU, April 9, 2019.


The article above concerns the historical, contemporary, and geological observations of Iditarod City by two geologists taking a fine backpacking ski trip through the interior of Alaska along a portion of the Iditarod Trail.
They've timed their trip after the Iditarod racers had completed the race, and all their supporters, press, and spectators had departed from the namesake ghost town of Iditarod, while the racers themselves had left behind a fine trail through the tundra snows these intreprid geologists could follow and explore on ski, hiking between remote Alaskan villages along the race’s route.

More from the Geologists

Geology of the Iditarod
Oldest rock in Alaska is near Iditarod

Now that we're up in the endless expanses of sub-arctic tundra...



Jack London
The Ultimate Yukon-Tundra Survival Stories

Adventures in the Alaskan Tundra

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High Sierra Living History, 2018, Annual Pony Express riding through on Thursday

Late to Woodfords,
Pony Express stuck in Traffic!


High Sierra History

Pony Express Re-creation

Pony Express riding through on Thursday,
Record-Courier, June 18, 2018.


"The annual Pony Express reride is scheduled to arrive in Nevada's oldest settlement around 4 p.m. Thursday."

"The rider leaves from Sacramento 3 p.m. Wednesday for St. Joseph, Mo., 1,966 miles away, according to the National Pony Express Association."

"But before they arrive in the desert, Express riders will have to cross the Sierra Nevada, which is generally a 23-hour prospect."

"According to the web site, the rider is expected to arrive in Woodfords at 2 p.m."

"The rider is expected to arrive in Carson City at 7 p.m., according to the Nevada schedule."




Gross Sale, Oct., 2018.
Pony Express, envelopes, franks, and stamps, 1860-61.



Pony Express Runs Late to Woofords

Thrown Shoe & Traffic Jam

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Toiyabe National Forest, A Historical Compilation

History of the Toiyabe National Forest, A Compilation

A Must Read!

At least the first few pages. Here we find one of the best summations of the early history of Western trappers, explorers, settlers, and government surveyors exploring and probing the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

This informative early history of the Sierra Nevada gives all hikers an excellent general historical context.

The following Toiyabe National Forest history Compilation is an interesting and very informative document that is as obscure as informative.

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Discovery of the Sierra Nevada, Early Sierra and California History


Discovery and Early Western History of the Sierra Nevada


Spanish California

The name "Sierra Nevada" was first used in 1776 to describe California's mountain range, the very same year the American Colonies declared their independence from England.

At the same time British colonists on the East Coast were rejecting the authority of the English King, the Spanish King was pushing his authority up the West Coast of the continent.

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High Sierra History Roundup: Three Western Museums Get their Borax Wagons Rolling


A High Sierra History Roundup

Three Western Museums Get their Borax Wagons Rolling

American Mule Museum, Laws Museum announce alliance,
Sierra Wave, February 12, 2018.

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High Sierra History: Dark Legends of Lake Tahoe, More Bodies Found



High Sierra History

Legends of Lake Tahoe

More Bodies Found

Deceased from 1996-2001, and “unknown” Tragedies

Body pulled from Fallen Leaf Lake presumed to be missing woman, second unknown corpse recovered,
Lake Tahoe News, November 15, 2017.

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E Clampus Vitus: Clamper History




E Clampus Vitus

The Clampers: A historical drinking society or a drinking historical society?
LA Times, November 13, 2017.



Clampers Monuments

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

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High Sierra History: Screwing the Indians along the Consumnes River, 1850-51



High Sierra History

Screwing the Indians

The 1850-51 Indian Agent Attempted Double-Screw: Drain the Indians & the Feds

Vestiges of Amador—Communities Along the Cosumnes, Part V: Miners’ Troubles – Where’s the Beef?
Ledger Dispatch, November 5, 2017.

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High Sierra Women's History: High Sierra Textile & Style History


High Sierra Women's History

Textiles & Style History

A Brief History of Underwear this Saturday in Independence,
Sierra Wave, November 2, 2017.

"Presented by Jan Loverin , the Curator of Clothing and Textiles at the Marjorie Russell Clothing and Textile Research Center, Nevada State Museum."

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Museums in Carson City Free for Nevada Day celebration this weekend



Museums in Carson City Free

East Flank History

Nevada Day celebration this weekend,
Record Courier, October 25, 2017.

Come see the annual Nevada Day Parade in the heart of Carson City.



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East Flank: Little Antelope & Carson Valleys, The Valley Pioneer Families


East Flank

Little Antelope & Carson Valleys

The Valley Pioneer Families

Event, Annual,

Cemetery tour relives Valley history,
Record Corurier, October 14, 2017.



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History of Beer in Early California: Boca Ice Brewery 1876-1893



History of Beer in Early California

Boca Ice Brewery 1876-1893

Truckee’s craft beer scene exploded way back in 1876 with opening of the massive Boca Brewery,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, October 17, 2017. 



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East Sierra Flank History: Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery



East Sierra Flank History

Enjoy legendary Mt. Whitney Fish Hatchery history this Friday,
Sierra Wave, October 9, 2017. 


High Sierra History




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Ancient Changes in Weather Triggered Human Migrations



Ancient Changes in Weather Triggered Human Migrations

Ancient humans left Africa to escape drying climate,
University of Arizona, October 4, 2017.

Human History

Stone Age Kid reveals Humanity 



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