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CLIMATE CRASHING POLITICALLY: The Governor of, and for, Endless Growth of OIL CONSUMPTION sticky icon


The Governor of OIL

‘It’s literally drill, baby, drill’: Did Jerry Brown’s climate crusade give Big Oil a pass?
Sac Bee, September 13, 2018.


A Rare article critical of our Corporate Masters

Jerry Brown’s Battle Cry
“...not let the federal government pillage public lands and destroy our treasured coast.”
(WHY? Pillaging our State is the Dims Job…)

The Gov of Oil

Jerry, “...has approved more than 200 new wells in state waters, and more than 23,000 oil and gas drilling permits overall, since he returned to the office nearly eight years ago.”

Growth Machine of Death
“...a refusal to curb California production of oil, whose consumption in the transportation sector is a leading cause of the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet’s temperature.”

Gov of Oil

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MOUNTAIN SAFETY in a CRASHING CLIMATE; Smoke and Fire of 2018: Two Reports UPDATED sticky icon




A Video
A Season of Smoke,
NASA Earth Observatory, September 11, 2018.



Smoke and Fire: Two Reports
Mid-to-Late August

1> 1.9 million acres burned or burning, Smoke Covers Western US

2> HOT, HOT, HOT: Fire Season Just Beginning in California




Near Two Million Acres On Fire in the United States,
NASA, August 20, 2018.

Western US Covered with Smoke
NOAA HRRR Smoke ForecastImage of the distribution of smoke across the U.S. on August 20, 2018.

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California Aims to Drop Fossil Fuels for Electricity by 2045 sticky icon


Greening the Corporate Growth Machine of Death

California Aims to Drop Fossil Fuels for Electricity by 2045,
US News, September 10, 2018.


“…goal of phasing out electricity produced by fossil fuels by 2045...”

“...along with an executive order Brown signed directing California to take as much carbon dioxide out of the air as it emits...”

“...require California's utilities to generate 60 percent of their energy from wind, solar and other specific renewable sources by 2030. That's 10 percent higher than the current mandate.”

This is All Propaganda
“It's merely a goal, with no mandate or penalty for falling short.”

Oil State
“...Brown has often faced criticism that he's too lenient with the oil industry, including from environmental groups pushing him to create a moratorium on new oil and gas wells in the state.”

“California has nearly 54,000 active wells, some of them close to urbanized areas in Southern California and the Central Valley...”

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Amazing Ancient Human Climate Interactions sticky icon


Amazing Human-Climate Interactions

What a Long, Strange Trips It’s Been

Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers but profoundly changed Earth's climate,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 6, 2018.


Human Global Warming began a Long Time Ago
“Millenia ago, ancient farmers...may have been fundamentally altering the climate of the Earth.“

“...without this human influence, by the start of the Industrial Revolution, the planet would have likely been headed for another ice age.”

First Human Tipping Point
“...the Holocene reversed direction 5,000 years ago, hitting peak concentrations of both gases by 1850.”

The Long Cycle
“For most of Earth's 4.5-billion-year history, its climate has largely been determined by a natural phenomenon known as Milankovitch cycles, periodic changes in the shape of Earth's orbit around the sun - which fluctuates from more circular to more elliptical - and the way Earth wobbles and tilts on its axis.“

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Eco Crash News, 2018: Observing Our Rapidly Shifting Seasons and Ecosystems sticky icon






Updated Daily 

September 11,  2018


The transitions between seasons, their basic character, their timing, temp, and humidity transitions have all changed. The directions from which the seasonal winds blow have changed. These changes are reverberating through and disrupting webs of life that wrap around the whole planet.

Blooming, feeding, mating, and migration patterns of all living things are changing around the world.

Here we track the obvious and the subtle human affects on Nature. The club and the knife, if you will.


LAST MONTHS' CLIMATE NEWS: October through December 2017






 September 11th


Greening the Corporate Growth Machine of Death

California Aims to Drop Fossil Fuels for Electricity by 2045

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Last Massive El Nino Foreshadows Magnitude of Next


Last Massive El Nino Foreshadows Magnitude of Next

El Niño fears grow as starving baby birds wash up on California beaches,
SF Chron, September 4, 2018.


“Scores of starving baby seabirds have been washing up on Northern California beaches this summer, raising fears among scientists that a climatic cycle like the one that wreaked havoc on sea creatures a few years ago may be moving in.”

“...100 undernourished common murre babies have been plucked from beaches from Monterey to Marin County by biologists and volunteers with International Bird Rescue and are being rehabilitated at the organization’s Fairfield center.”

"...rising ocean temperatures may have made it difficult for the fathers to find the cold-water fish the birds normally eat. Large numbers of beached seabirds have also been found in Alaska this year."

“...the babies are coming in healthy but starving”

“Record high ocean temperatures in Southern California in August created widespread alarm among marine biologists. Now they are concerned that conditions could worsen if predictions about an El Niño weather pattern over the next few months come true.”

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Colorado River Flows Drop By 15 Percent Over Last 100 Years


Water Source for Millions Going Away...

Colorado River Flows Drop By 15 Percent Over Last 100 Years,
KUNC, September 5, 2018.


"Warming temperatures are sapping the Colorado River, the water source for more than 40 million people in the southwest. A new study finds over the last 100 years the river’s flow has decreased by more than 15 percent."

"Warming temperatures throughout the Colorado River watershed accounted for more than half the decline in flows. Other factors include changes to precipitation patterns and loss of snowpack in high altitudes."

"From 2000 to 2014 flows in the river averaged 19 percent below those recorded the previous 93 years."

“It’s disturbing...I think we’re going to see a very different world as the 21st century unfolds with all these climate change impacts.”

The Situation

2018: New Weather Patterns Diminishing Rio Grand & Colorado Rivers

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Hungry-Hungry Heated-Up Bugs: Twice Crop Loss Coming due to Heated Bugs


Hungry-Hungry Heated-Up Bugs

Crop losses due to insects could nearly double in Europe's bread basket due to climate,
University of Colorado at Boulder, August 30, 2018.


Globally Warmed Insects
“...models increases in insect populations and their metabolic rates in a warmer world. It projects a 50 to 100 percent increase in pest-induced crop losses in European wheat and 30 to 40 percent increases in North American maize even if countries meet their existing commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “

"In some temperate countries, insect pest damage to crops is projected to rise sharply as temperatures continue to climb, putting serious pressure on grain producers...”

Future Bugs
“Future bugs, however, in a warmer climate are expected to be even hungrier and more numerous. Warmer temperatures have been shown to accelerate an individual insect's metabolic rate, leading it to consume more food during its lifespan.”

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Drought Never Ended? Groundwater loss Sinking San Joaquin Valley


Drought Never Ended?

Drought, groundwater loss sinks California land at alarming rate,
Cornell University, August 29,2018.

“...the large agricultural and metropolitan communities that rely on groundwater in central California experienced only a short respite from an ongoing drought.”

The Drought Never Ended
(July 27, 2017)

The Problem, Physical
“...the ground has continued to sink, by up to a half-meter annually...”

“ early summer the subsidence continued at a similar rate we observed during the drought.””

The Problem, Human
“…the San Joaquin Valley. This region, like many others in the western United States, faces ongoing groundwater extraction, happening faster than it can be replenished. ”

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California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment


California Ecology Crashing as Population Continues to Explode...

California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment,
August 27, 2018.



Climate change report: California to see 77 percent more land burned,
SF Chron, August 27, 2018.


More & Larger Fires
“...large fires across the state will likely increase by 50 percent by the end of the century while the amount of land that burns annually will rise 77 percent...”

Less Beach
“...higher seas overrun beaches, less water fills state reservoirs and drier weather shrivels Central Valley crops.”

Smoke Injury
“Smoke will drive more respiratory illness, the power grid will lose more lines and equipment to flames, and even the cost of homeownership will rise. The price of wildfire insurance, for example, is projected to increase 18 percent by 2055 as fires become more damaging.”

80% Less Snow by 2100
“By 2100, the snowmelt will be as much as 80 percent scarcer, the report said.”

“Our system was built for a different climate.”

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Summer 2018 Sea Ice Minimum Approaches


Summer 2018 Sea Ice Minimum Approaches

Crazy North Hemisphere Heatwave of 2018 in the Arctic

The Oldest, Thickest Arctic Sea Ice Is Breaking For The First Time on Record,
Science Alert, August 22, 2018.


“The breakdown of some of the oldest and thickest sea ice in the Arctic has occurred for the first time in recorded history. Not once, but twice this year, the breaking ice has opened waters north of Greenland that are usually frozen even in summer.”

“...among the short-term consequences, it could threaten the survival of Arctic seals and polar bears, scientists say.”

Last of the Multiyear Ice
“...this last holdout of heavy ice is now becoming as mobile as any other part of the Arctic.”

"In the past, most of the ice in the Arctic has been multi-year ice, but that has been shrinking and now nearly all the ice in the Arctic is first-year ice.”

Last Holdout Leaving
"The only zone where multi-year ice has survived is north of Greenland, but this last holdout is now opened up and moving away from the coast."

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2018: The New Normal Emerges in California, July Hottest Month EVER


The New Normal Emerging in California

July 2018 Warmest Month in California History; Unprecedented Early-Season Wildfire Activity Continues,
Weather West, August 9, 2018.


Early July Heatwave
"July 2018 was an extraordinary weather month across most of California. Early in the month, a searing heatwave brought all-time record heat to some locations in Southern California."

High Temp July
"...extreme heat receded somewhat during the rest of the month, temperatures never cooled back to anywhere near average, and the past 3-4 weeks have been punctuated by heatwaves that have broken countless daily temperature records."

Nighttime Highs
"...a number of more “subtle” temperature records have fallen this July, with all-time record warm overnight temperatures occurring across a majority of the state and “consecutive 100+ degree day” records falling through parts of the Central Valley. Death Valley apparently recorded the warmest single month officially recorded anywhere on Earth."

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Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018: Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, Europe Frying


The Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, & Europe Frying

1>Sweden Shrinking

Sweden's Highest Peak Melts Away as Record Temperatures Hit Arctic Circle,
Time, August 3, 2018.

Main Points

Arctic Circle Heatwave
"A summer heatwave in the Arctic circle has claimed a victim in Sweden’s highest point, a glacier on Kebnekaise mountain in the north of the country."

"Melting fueled by the heat has caused the peak to lose 13 feet in height."

"Just a month ago, the glacier reached 6,893 feet above sea level. At the latest measurement on Tuesday, it was just 6,879 feet is now no longer the highest point in the country."

“We know that it has melted because it is very hot."

Arctic Circle at 90F
"Northern Europe has been sweltering in a heatwave that scientists fear is a result of climate change. Banak in Norway, over 350 miles into the Arctic Circle, reached 90 degrees on Monday."



2>Euros, and even the Northern Euros, are Baking

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2018, ECO-CRASHING NEWS Particulate Pollution vs. CO2; How to Fix this Mess?!


Particulate Pollution vs. CO2

Particulate pollution's impact varies greatly depending on where it originated,
Carnegie Institution for Science, August 17, 2018.



"Aerosols are tiny particles that are spewed into the atmosphere by human activities, including burning coal and wood."

Cooling Effect
"While greenhouse gases cause warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, some aerosols can have a cooling effect on the climate--similar to how emissions from a major volcanic eruption can cause global temperatures to drop."

30% Reduction in Greenhouse Warming
"Estimates indicate that aerosols have offset about a third of greenhouse gas-driven warming since the 1950s."

Aerosols have Short Lives, GGs have Long Lives
"... aerosols have a much shorter lifespan in the atmosphere than the gases responsible for global warming."

So...Distribution of Aerosols Vary by Region
"This means that their atmospheric distribution varies by region, especially in comparison to carbon dioxide."

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2018: Permafrost Melt Lakes Surges Arctic Methane Release


Permafrost Melt Lakes Surges Arctic Methane Release

Another Greenhouse Effect Trigger-Point: Permafrost Ponds Outgassing MethaneMethane bubbles trapped in the ice on a pond near Fairbanks, Alaska.Image: Credit to Katey Walter Anthony observing, analyizing, and picturing (above) Methane bubbles trapped in ice ponds, the knarly ones pictured above located near Fairbanks, Alaska. Yikes! Another methane bubble image.


Permafrost Melt Lakes Surges Arctic Methane Release

'Abrupt thaw' of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, August 16, 2018.


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Two New Climate Analysis: Short Term, A New Form of Climate Analysis. Long Term: Crashing Through Tipping Points



Two New Analysis Predicts Hot Times Ahead in Short and Long Terms

Short Term: A New Form of Climate Analysis,

Long Term: Crashing Through Tipping Points


The Short Term

2018-2022 expected to be abnormally hot years,
CNRS, August 14, 2018.


"This summer's world-wide heatwave makes 2018 a particularly hot year."

The " warming hiatus."

A New Method of Prediction
"...does not use traditional simulation techniques. Instead, it applies a statistical method to search 20th and 21st century climate simulations made using several reference models to find 'analogues' of current climate conditions and deduce future possibilities."

"The precision and reliability of this probabilistic system proved to be at least equivalent to current methods, particularly for the purpose of simulating the global warming hiatus of the beginning of this century."

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2018 Climate Change News: North China Plain Rapidly Becoming Uninhabitable


North China Plain Rapidly Becoming Uninhabitable

Along with South Asia & Persian Gulf: Deadly Heat Rising Rapidly around the World


China could face deadly heat waves due to climate change,
MIT News, July 31, 2018.

“This spot is just going to be the hottest spot for deadly heat waves in the future, especially under climate change,” says Professor Elfatih Eltahir."Image, thanks to MIT, “This spot is just going to be the hottest spot for deadly heat waves in the future, especially under climate change.”

North China Plain [NCP].

Incidence Rate Ratio [IRR] per degree Celsius.

Representative Concentration Pathway [RCP] 4.5 is a scenario that stabilizes radiative forcing at 4.5 Watts per meter squared in the year 2100.

4.5 & 8.5 are higher levels of energy demand and CO2 production.

The Map Targets temp outcomes of the various RCP scenarios by 2100.



"One of the world’s most densely populated regions may push the boundaries of habitability by the end of this century, study finds."

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GEO-CLIMATE NEWS: Sea Level Rise Assures Bigger Tsunamis


Sea Level Rise Assures Bigger Tsunamis

Climate change sea level rises could increase risk for more devastating tsunamis worldwide,
Virginia Tech, August 15, 2018.


"Our research shows that sea-level rise can significantly increase the tsunami hazard, which means that smaller tsunamis in the future can have the same adverse impacts as big tsunamis would today."

"...created computer-simulated tsunamis at current sea level and with sea-level increases of 1.5 feet and 3 feet in the Chinese territory of Macau. Macau is a densely populated coastal region located in South China that is generally safe from current tsunami risks."

"It is estimated that sea levels in the Macau region will increase by 1.5 feet by 2060 and 3 feet by 2100, according to the team of U.S.-Chinese scientists."

"At current sea level, an earthquake would need to tip past a magnitude of 8.8 to cause widespread tsunami inundation in Macau. But with the simulated sea-level rises, the results surprised the team."

"The Manila Trench megathrust has not experienced an earthquake larger than a magnitude 7.8 since the 1560s."

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CLIMATE WARMING NEWS: Heat Dangers Rising, Will Drive Thousands to ER


Heat Dangers Rising, Many Will Suffer

New study predicts warming climate will drive thousands to ER for heat illness,
AGU Blog, August 7, 2018


Expensive Dangers Ahead
"...a new study predicts that in the coming decades the United States’ heat problem will grow more dangerous and expensive."

Today's Emission Trajectory
"...suggests a warming climate will drive thousands more people into emergency rooms across the country and could cost tens of millions more dollars in treatment by 2050."

Reduced Emission Trajectory
"...U.S. emergency rooms could see 28,000 more hyperthermia visits annually by 2050, which could cost roughly as much as $52 million. Extended to 2090, the annual number of visits for hyperthermia could increase by up to 65,000, costing up to $118 million."

Health Threats of Warming Temps
 How our warming climate affects health.
"This table lists the various causes and ways in which climate change affects human health." Chart credit: U.S. Global Change Research Program.

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Eco-Crash News: The Great Northern Hemisphere Heatwave of 2018


The New Heatwave Normal

Record 2018 Death Valley & Northern Hemispheric Heat

Death Valley posts hottest month ever recorded on Earth, for the second July in a row,
Washington Post, August 2, 2018.

Hottest of the Hot

"Last July, California’s Death Valley endured the hottest month ever measured on the planet. This July ended up even hotter."

"Over both day and night, the temperature at Death Valley averaged 108.1 degrees, ahead of the mark set a year ago by about a half-degree. That previous mark had broken a record that stood for 100 years."

"...this July’s temperature has averaged nearly six degrees above the average of 102.2."

"The high temperature hit at least 120 degrees on 21 days, sailing past the normal high of 116.5 degrees."

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