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Health and Fitness information for long distance backpackers. Physical and psychological effects of hiking and nature.

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Forest Life Makes you Less Crazy



Forest Life Makes you Less Crazy


Life in the city: Living near a forest keeps your amygdala healthier,

"Life in a city can cause chronic stress. City dwellers are at a higher risk of psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia than country dwellers."

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Measuring the Human Machine: new simple method determines calorie burn rate



Measuring the Human Machine

Study: New simple method determines rate at which we burn calories walking up, down, flat,

Planning how much energy I am going to use against how much I am going to pack, then measuring how it works out in the field is always an intergral part of my backpacking trips. 

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Health, Fitness, & Environmental Disaster: Rivers of Plastic



Health, Fitness, & Environmental Disaster

Rivers of Plastic

Rivers carry plastic debris into the sea,

"It is still impossible to foresee the ecological consequences of this. One thing is certain, however: this situation cannot continue,"

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Tahoe 2018 MedWAR Challenge




Tahoe MedWAR Challenge creating real life wilderness survival skills,
Tahoe Daily Tribune, October 15, 2017.

Felling crushed by The Forces of Nature? Got to Get the SAR Folks into this.



Health & Fitness



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Diet & Health: A need for bananas?



Diet & Health

A need for bananas? Dietary potassium regulates calcification of arteries,



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Field Conditions: First female Marine officer to lead assault amphibian vehicle platoon



Field Conditions

Camp Pendleton Marine becomes first female officer to lead assault amphibian vehicle platoon,
OC Register, October 4, 2017.

We’ve seen problems under sustained combat loads in Iraq and Afganastan.

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Genetically-Modified (Plenish) soybean oil vs. conventional soybean oil and coconut oil



Compare Cooking Oils

Genetically-modified (Plenish) soybean oil vs. conventional soybean oil and coconut oil

GM soybean oil causes less obesity and insulin resistance but is harmful to liver function,


That cover Oil?

About Sugar and Subsitutes

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Speed & Direction Tracking One Aspect of our Complex Navigational Skills



Natural Wonders

Speed & Direction Tracking

One Aspect of our Complex Navigational Skills

UCI scientists identify important aspect of the brain's navigational system,
University of California - Irvine, September 22, 2017.


Introduction to Navigation

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West Nile in Bishop


West Nile in Bishop

Man recovers from West Nile virus illness,
Sierra Wave, September 7, 2017,

West Nile Reports

Kings County

First Ca Human Case of 2017

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Eat fat, live longer?

 Health & Fitness


Eat fat, live longer?
University of California - Davis, September 5, 2017.

Science as sequentially condemned, then approved of about every type and food group over the last fifty years or so.

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News Feb 2013: Bee Worried, Mosquitoes defy Deet, Frostbit Brit

Bug News: Big Things are Made Up of, and rely upon, Small Things.


Bee Worried:
Fewer bees in US a threat to world's almond supply, bee, 2-16-13

More Bad News: 


Mosquitoes ignore repellent Deet after first exposure, BBC, 2-20-13

Mosquitoes exposed to DEET once are less repelled by it a few hours later, plos, 2-20-13

Also See:

Mosquito and Tick News


Frostbit Brit

Ranulph Fiennes pulls out of Antarctic challenge, BBC, 2-25-13

He's in for some pain.


Climate News

Caves point to thawing of Siberia, Science, U Oxford, 2-21-13

Research shows that coldness triggers northward flight in migrating monarch butterflies, Current Biology, U Mass,  2-21-13

Weather warning, Harvard, 2-20-13


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November 2012: News of Mountains, Trees, Climate, Health and Fitness

Mountains, trees, climate, health and fitness News

Information is vital for backpackers. Knowledge of the terrain, the weather, your physical and perceptive capabilities, and what forces are driving the changes within and around us are vital to understanding what we are hiking through.

The news and research below and in the News section of the Forum is selected to provide a basic context for those who engage their hike through life seriously.

Environmental Determinates of Past and Future

Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization, UCD,11-8-2012

New study suggests that Arabica coffee could be extinct in the wild within 70 years, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, 11-7-2012

 Trees in the Mountains taking a beating

Mountain meadows dwindling in the Pacific Northwest, OSU, 11-2-2012  

Western aspen trees commonly carry extra set of chromosomes, PLOS, 10-31-2012

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Research: Dog's Fitness improves Dog's Life

Research on our four-footed Friends:

Quality of life of obese dogs improves when they lose weight, University of Liverpool, Feb 20, 2012.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander... 

Of course I suggest that you and the pooch hit the trails, first to walk, jog, and train. Then hit the High Sierra, or the wilderness near you.

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Backpacking Fitness: Related Topics. Drugs, Diet, Braces and Such

Backpacking Fitness: Related Topics. Drugs, Diet, Braces and Such

 This is the comments and questions page for the related topics section of the Trail Guide's Backpacking Fitness Guide. Post your questions or comments through the comments link at the bottom of this page.

A backpacking fitness program involves knowing the proper drugs to deal with the range of pains backpacking can bring on. We will look at some of the basic drug choices we have for inflamtion.

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Backpacking Fitness: Weight Lifting and Upper Body Strength

Backpacking Fitness: Weight Lifting and Upper Body Strength

This is the comments and questions page for the Trail Guide's Fitness Section on Weight Lifting and Upper Body Strength. If you have questions or comments, post them through the comments link at the bottom of this page. 

I believe that having adequete upper body strength is vital for comfortably shouldering the weight of a backpack, especially if the pack is loaded for extensive distances over difficult terrain such as the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Backpacking Fitness: Legs and Lungs

Backpacking Fitness: Legs and Lungs.

This is the comments and questions page for the Legs and Lungs section of the Backpacking Fitness section of the Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide. Post your questions or comments through the commnets link at the bottom of this page.

If you have information or experiences that exceed the scope of questions and comments, Register and post your own article in this Backpacking Fitness Forum about how you keep your legs and lungs together for High Sierra backpacking.

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Backpacking Fitness: Injury Recovery

Video embed: 
See video

Backpacker Injury Recovery

This page is set up for your comments and questions from the Trail Guide's physical fitness section about injury recovery and starting a fitness program.

Post comments through the link at the bottom of this page. If you are a registerd member, you can post your own Forum Topic in this the Mountain Conditioning Forum.

Stretching and Flexibility

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Introduction: Welcome to the Backpacking Physical Fitness Forum

Introduction: Welcome to the Backpacking Physical Fitness Forum 


I believe that the most average person, male or female, possesses inherent physical and perceptive capabilities that are nothing short of amazing.

The average person can run all day long, observe the most minute details of the terrain as they pass through, and monitor their status and alter their plans on the hoof in response to changing internal and environmental circumstances.

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Report: Exercise no danger for joints

 This article points out that moving about is good for your joints. Reciprocally, not moving about is bad for you. You could do yourself a lot of good by finding the proper balance between work and rest.


Exercise no danger for joints

jan 2009, Journal of Anatomy, abstract from

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Backpacker Health News: Running a marathon halts cellular suicide

 This interesting article abstract adds to the growing body of information pointing to the conclusion that regular hard exercise, such as long distance backpacking, and the training to maintain mountain fitness, is very good for you. The health benefits of staying active are contrasted by the health degradations of sedentary behaviors.

This may be good news for those of us who have maintained 20 miles a day for extended periods along the High Sierra Crest.

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