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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Matt Bloom and family and friends provide long distance High Sierra backpackers the best of Western Hospitality, food, supplies, laundry and showers along the classic route of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail where it crosses Highway 108.

Kennedy Meadows is a standard resupply spot for Pacific Crest Trail hikers.

For visitors driving up on Highway 108, the Sonora Pass Highway Kennedy Meadows offers outstanding food, lodging, horses and horsepacking into the Emigrant Wilderness South of Kennedy Meadows Pack Station or North into the Carson Iceberg Wilderness.

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Janice "Pepperoni" Raddatz and Harmony near Meiss Meadow

July 16, 2009.

Encounter with Janice "Pepperoni" Radditz and her fine horse, Harmony.

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Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act

A backpacker's perspective and support for the

Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act
  H. R. 3606

Bill Information

  Conclusions of Analysis
FULL Support for HR 3606, below

Informative Links

Full Text of HR 3606

Original Post: December 2013

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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station Kids & Adult Horse Camps, Summer 2013 & 2014

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station has a Kid's Horse Camp?

2014 brings Kid and Adult horsepacking Schools

I can't think of a better way to show kids the balance of responsibility, fun, trail skills, camp skills, horses, and mules than Kennedy Meadows Pack Station putting on a Kid's Horse Camp. Apparently science agrees too...

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The Great Al Roundup, or "I'm not a cow."

This article is posted in the Sierra Dogs forum, so click on over and take a look at it. 

Trail Guide

Murray Canyon to Bear Lake Junction

Topo Map


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Questing Veterans: June 29, New Plans: To the Coast?

Jean and her crew have hit the wall of snow at the Southern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It appears from the communication below that these harsh conditions are going to force them South, then West out of the Sierra.

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Questing Veterans Update: June 28, 2011: New Plans?

Questing Veterans Update, June 28 2011

Jean's latest report confirms on foot what our seasonal observations the snowpack data has been showing in abstract:  The Sierra is fully packed with snow that is finally rapidly depleating.

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Questing Veterans update: June 12, 2011. Jean's broken hand, VA fun, Horse Story.

Questing Veterans Update: June 12, 2011  

Who is Questing Veterans?

From Jean's Website, QuestingVeterans:

Questing Veterans is an expedition around the United States via foot and horseback. The purpose of the ride is to provide Veterans a buffer zone and time between Military and Civilian lives.



Hey Y'all!

It's been a fairly quiet 2 weeks since last Major update.

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Questing Vets Trail Report: May 28, 2011, Jean fractures her hand

Questing Vets Trail Report: May 28, 2011, Jean fractures her hand

(These updates are the complete text of Jean's emails from the trail)


Howdy y'all!

Today started out good; Ryan and I with the horses headed down the PCT 2 miles to a bridge to see if the mare would cross it. She didn't of course. She did great without the easy boot though. Jabiru and I worked out such fine comunication that I could get him to place his feet all around the rocks on the trail. We even got around a block in the trail.

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Questing Veterans are hitting the Pacific Crest Trail: May 20, 2011

Here at Tahoe to Whitney we encourage everyone to experience the wilderness. I have been engaging in correspondence with many backpackers about the upcoming  2011 Summer backpacking season.

I've had the pleasure of corresponding with Jean Stricklee, who set up Questing Veterans. Jean and a group of Questing Veterans will begin riding North on the Pacific Crest Trail  from Tehachapi Pass tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of May.

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High Sierra Short: Free Range Horses and Mules at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Video embed: 
See video

Starting a backpacking trip from Kennedy Meadows Pack Station on September 1, 2010. When the horses get a bit riled up, it's always good to get 'em out to run around a bit.  It always works for me.

Trail Guide and Resupply Information

Kennedy Meadows Trail Guide: Kennedy Meadows to Relief Reservoir

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