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News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, & People, Winter & Spring of 2019 sticky icon

News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, & People,

Winter & Spring

This is the High Sierra
Fish, Oceans, Ice, Sealife, & Water News

The Fish News has been stretching into Fish & River News, now into covering Water Issues generally. We cover water as it stands, pools, flows, freezes, and precipitates. A step further, we cover how water affects the things that most directly depend on it, the things that grow, swim, drink, ship, & store water.


NOAA West Coast Fisheries

All Sierra Snow

All Sierra Precip







2015-17 Fish, Ice, Oceans, WATER, & People NEWS & RESEARCH




Summer & Fall of 2019

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Pacific Salmon Going Down Hard



Salmon Populations Especially at Risk from Climate Change
Mapping Pacific salmon and steelhead vulnerabilities to climate change. PLOS

Mapping Pacific salmon and steelhead vulnerabilities to climate change. BIG. Credit to PLOS.


Pacific Salmon Going Down Hard

Some Pacific salmon populations are especially at risk from climate change,
PLOS, July 24, 2019.


Climate Change Vulnerable
"Four population groups of Pacific salmon in California, Oregon, and Idaho are especially vulnerable to climate change..."

US Coastal Waters
"To better understand the vulnerability of Pacific salmon, the authors studied 33 threatened or endangered population groups of Pacific salmon, encompassing local populations from the Mexican border to the Canadian border."

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Warm Seas Scatter Fish


Fish Already Suffering


Big Old Trout Fishing Tilden Lake
Tilden Lake Trout fishing as I hike by on the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail across North Yosemite.
Hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail around Tilden Lake in North Yosemite. This Big Old Trout was fishing for insects, mostly, but it'd consider alternatives...


Warm seas scatter fish,
University of California - Santa Barbara, February 28, 2019.


Massive Fish Study
“...study looked at historical abundance data for 124 species in 38 regions, which represents roughly one-third of the reported global catch. The researchers compared this data to records of ocean temperature and found that 8 percent of populations were significantly negatively impacted by warming, while 4 percent saw positive impacts. Overall, though, the losses outweigh the gains.”

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FISH NEWS: End of Spring-Run Chinook Draws Near


No Genetic Reserve in Fall-Run Salmon Populations

Human actions impact wild salmon's ability to evolve,
University of California - Davis, December 4, 2018.


Near Extinction
“...spring-run chinook are on the brink of extinction in most locations where they haven't already been lost.”

Sensitive to Everything Human
"...because they rely on clean, cold water throughout hot summer months, spring-run chinook are more vulnerable than fall-run chinook" to activities such as logging, mining, dams and water diversion, and to climate change.”

“Once spring-run chinook salmon disappear, they are not likely to re-emerge, indicates genetic analysis of the revered wild fish in a study led by the University of California, Davis.”

"If you lose the spring-run gene, you could potentially lose spring-run chinook forever.”


Bottom Line

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Fish Rapidly Shifting Ranges following Rapid Temp Changes


Fish Rapidly Shifting Ranges following Rapid Temp Changes

Warming waters caused rapid -- and opposite -- shifts in connected marine communities,
Cell Press, November 8. 2018.


"Two connected marine ecosystems--the Eastern English Channel and Southern North Sea--experienced big and opposite changes in their fish communities over a 30-year period”

“Rapid warming drove smaller ocean fishes to shift abruptly northward from one ecosystem to the other."

Warming Disrupting Fishing Grounds
“...increase in the frequency and severity of climate oscillations and extreme warming events could trigger shifts in the distribution and abundance of species with profound consequences for the way ecosystems around the world function.”

"This warming caused an abrupt change in fish communities as small, rapidly maturing fishes, particularly pelagic fishes, simultaneously decreased in the English Channel and increased in the North Sea,."

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Court Ruling to Preserve the Last of the Salmon?


Preserving the Last of the Salmon?

West’s rivers are hot enough to cook salmon to death. Will this court ruling keep them cool?
Sac Bee, October 23, 2018.


River-Cooked Salmon
"...salmon being cooked to death by the thousands in rivers that have become overheated as water flows dwindle."

Stop Cooking Salmon
"...a federal judge in Seattle has directed the Environmental Protection Agency, in a ruling with implications for California and the Pacific Northwest, to find a way to keep river waters cool."

"...ruling last week was sparked by an ecological catastrophe in 2015, when an estimated 250,000 sockeye salmon died on the Columbia and Snake because the waters got too warm. In California, more than 95 percent of juvenile winter-run Chinook salmon perished in the Sacramento River in 2014 and 2015 when temperatures spiked during the worst of the drought."

“...it must develop a plan to keep water temperatures low in the Columbia River and its main tributary, the Snake, to protect multiple varieties of salmon and steelhead that are covered by the Endangered Species Act.”

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2018: The Long, Steady, Decline in Salmon Populations Continues


The Long, Steady, Decline in Salmon Populations Continues

Threatened spring-run chinook salmon are sparse this year,
Chico Enterprise-Record, September 26, 2018.

Main Points

"In Butte Creek, a snorkel survey counted 2,118 fish this year."

"That’s less than half the average since 1989 of 4,427 fish."

"In 2017, only 950 fish were counted."

"The record was in 2001, when the carcass survey turned up 18,312 fish."

The carcass survey

"As a result of the lifecycle, the creeks are full of dead fish after the spawning cycle ends."

"The dead fish are also easy to count."

"...in years when there are a lot of fish, the carcass count is far more accurate than the snorkel count. But in a low year like this one, the snorkel count is probably pretty accurate."

Fish History

"The spring-run used to be the largest of the chinook runs in the Central Valley. But construction of dams like Shasta and Oroville blocked access to the higher-elevation cool water the fish need to survive the summer, and the numbers dropped."

"The spring-run is now listed as threatened on both the state and federal endangered species lists."

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Climate Change News: Warming Waters Push Fish to Cooler Waters



Fish Moving North Too...

Warming Waters Push Fish To Cooler Climes, Out Of Some Fishermen's Reach,
NPR, May 17, 2018.

"...fish and other marine animals, their habitat is shifting further north quite rapidly."



News & Research

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Recognizing Klamath Salmon Destruction: Spring Run Considered for Endangered Status


Recognizing Klamath Salmon Destruction

Spring Run Considered for Endangered Status

Feds consider listing spring Klamath River salmon as endangered,
Times Standard, March 1, 2018.

"...the National Marine Fisheries Service this week found the tribe’s request “may be warranted.”

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WATER, FISH, & SEA NEWS: Killing the Salmon



Killing the Salmon

Two Pieces of News-Research

Pesticide Runoff Killing Salmon & Orca
The Anthropocene: Genetic Salmon Genocide


Salmon Gene-o-cide

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Fish News, Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel: Pittance Salmon Run Causes Joy



Scraping Along the Bottom of Ma Nature's Barrel

Pittance Mokelumne River Salmon Run Causes Joy

Fish-friendly measures steer Central Valley salmon run near record,
Mercury News, November 17, 2017.

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We Drive Extinction: Broad California Fishery Failure



Fish News
Nothing "Uncertain" here:
We Drive Extinction

California Fishery Failure

‘Time is of the essence’: Fisheries face uncertainty,
Times Standard, October 27, 2017.

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Death of Wild Fish: More Canaries in Nature's Coal mine



Death of Wild Fish

More Canaries in Nature's Coal mine 

Fish Blood in Their Veins — But Few Salmon in Their River,
KQED, October 16, 2017.

Killing off Indians & Fish

Fish & Cultural Extinction Events

Killing off Wild Fish & Nature generally

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Incredible Shrinking Fish: Swimming Thermometers shrinking!



Incredible Shrinking Fish

Swimming Thermometers shrinking as ocean temperatures rise 

Fish shrinking as ocean temperatures rise,
Louisiana State University, October 4, 2017.


Recent Fish News

Native Fish Support?

SOCAL "Steal it All" plan

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Irresponsible Growth a Recipe for Wild Fish Failure?



Recipie for Failure?

California Is Giving Water Back to Native Fish – but How Much?
Water Deeply, October 2, 2017.

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Fish Challenged Everywhere



Fish Challenged Everywhere

Climate change challenges the survival of fish across the world,


Fish-Oceans-Water News


End of Fish News

Gasping for Air

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Not a Planet for Old Fish



Not a Planet for Old Fish

Old fish few and far between under fishing pressure,

Fish News



All September 2017 General News


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Fly Fishing Setup: Member's Favorite High Sierra Rigs

Member's Favorite

Fly Fishing Rigs


shiveringman           bamboo fly rod hopper fly

stanfrench                My Fenwick combo spin-fly rod.

tstockt                        Fly rod


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