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Video Three: Food, Part Two, Determining your daily Snacks to achieve 3000 calories per Day

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Now that we've determined the calorie count of our 4 daily set meals, we need to make up the difference between that amount and our goal of 3000 calories per day with snacks.

In our last page in this series, we determined that the of calories from our 4 set meals is around 2155 calories. This leaves 845 calories per day we must get from our snack selection to reach our goal of 3000 calories per day.

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Video Two: Food, Part One, Determining your daily Calories and Menu

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This video is the first of two parts covering how to establish a proper diet by creating a healthy menu of a reasonable weight that is thick with calories and nutrition. The first thing to do is to establish your daily set meals.

The Daily Set Meals

In my case I plan on four daily set meals, consisting of Breakfast, Lunch #1, Lunch #2, and Dinner.

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Video One: Basic Backpacking Considerations

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Video: Considerations before taking a High Sierra backpacking trip

This is Part One of a four part video series that covers the range of factors you will encounter when backpacking in High Sierra snow. These considerations will control your preparations. These considerations are interrelated, and your evaluation of each one will affect the others.

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Planning and Preparing for a late Winter-Early Spring snow backpacking trip in the High Sierras

Considerations on Preparing and Planning for a Snow Backpacking Trip in the Sierras

I have constructed this four-part video guide to preparing for a High Sierra backpacking trip. Though it is designed for a Winter-first day of Spring trip, the basic principals discussed are applicable to backpacking during any season.

NOTE: Site Video Links Broken. See these Backpacking Food Prep videos on YouTube.

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Anatomy of a Snow Trip II: Looks Like a Spring Backpacking Trip in the High Sierras!

Note: Alex is out of the city between March 18 and 22, maybe the 23rd.

The Winter is drawing to a close, and I have still not put the snow shoes to backpacking use this Winter. I tried to get it together in mid January, after that big storm came across the Sierras. But that did not work, as financial considerations controlled my behavior.

But that's over now, and I am shortly departing from Berkeley to South Lake Tahoe. Thursday the 18th of March looks like the day of departure.

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Backpacking Considerations on mileage, food, and physicality

 Considering mileage, food, and physicality

Calculations on the trail

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Backpacking to the Meiss Cabin, Round Lake Trail Junction up from the South Upper Truckee, or down from Showers Lake

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Have you any good Backpacking trips through Meiss Meadow? Post it through the COMMENTS LINK below, or REGISTER and post a regular trail note (blog) that will appear in the Meiss Cabin Forum, and can accept your maps, pictures and videos!

Meiss Cabin Trail Junction

Meiss Meadow is the hub of the Meiss Country Roadless Araa.

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Mosquitoes and Seasonal Temperature Shifts: Backpacking the High Sierra.

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  Backpacking the High Sierras 
Mosquitoes and Seasonal Temperature Shifts

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Backpacking Trail Tips: Fires, Tents, and People in the High Sierras

High Sierra Camp Fires

Making camp fires in the High Sierra is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Besides the long time bans on campfires above certain elevations to preserve the thin biomass, generally at 9000 feet, we are seeing the spread of policies banning all campfires in the National Parks and Forests up and down the High Sierra.

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Comment on Backpacking Showers Lake, Meiss Country Roadless Area

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Alright! We've Backpacked to Showers Lake in the Meiss Country Roadless Area to spend our 5th night on the trail South out of Meeks Bay hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail.

We've come 7.21 miles South from Echo Summit, and are 4.79 miles North of the Carson Pass. The elevation at Showers Lake is 8680 feet.

Showers Lake on a fine Sierra Nevada Fall morning.

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Comments: Hiking Schneiders Cow Camp Junction to Showers Lake

This is the Comments Page for the Schneiders Cow Camp junction to Showers Lake. Register to Post up pictures, embed videos, and make your own posts under the Echo Summit to Carson Pass Forum.

Have you hiked in through Schneiders Cow Camp? What do you think of this access to Showers Lake?

Trail Notes

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Sayles Canyon, Bryan Meadow Trail Junctions

Sayles Canyon Trail Junction

Sayles Canyon Snow Travel: Finstad Family Daytrip, 2012.

Three and a half miles South of Echo Summit on the combined Pacific Crest-Tahoe to Yosemite-and Tahoe Rim Trails we come to the Sayles Canyon, Bryan Meadow Junction. Though the post at Echo Summit puts the mileage to Bryan Meadow at 4 miles, I have it at 3.49 miles. This accounts for the distance from this junction West to the meadow.

Video Two: 
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Jumping Spider at 10,000 feet, Big Sam in the Emigrant Wilderness, Tahoe to Yosemite Trail

Heading up the Northern Flank of Big Sam I came upon this unusual looking Spider.

Jumping Spider on Big Sam, High Emigrant Wilderness

Note the granite coloring that matches the granitic environment, the beautiful pattern on its back, and who can miss the massive head. Thanks to Professor John Hafernik, San Francisco State University, for the identification.

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Question & Comments: Hiking South to Peak 8906, Sayles Canyon

Hiking South out of Echo Summit? Post your questions, comments,  and experiences  backpacking out of Echo Summit into the Meiss Country Roadless Area.

After departing our fine overlook- rest break-backpacker meeting place (2.14 miles South of Echo Summit) we continue hiking South from Echo Summit towards Showers Lake.

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