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Trail Notes

Trail Notes are for your take on general backpacking topics that require more space than a comments on a particular Trail or Topic, but don't quite rate their own Forum Topic.
Trail Notes published in the Forums will also cross the front page of this forum site, as well as remaining within the specific Forum it was originally published.

Trail notes are perfect to share your experiences with equipment suitability. Post it as a Trail Note in the Gear Forum. Have a wild experience on one of the trails in the Trail Guide? Post it as a Trail Note in that trail section's Forum.
Have a backpacking issue, topic, or a goal you want input on? Find the related forum, and post it up.

Trail Notes are as perfect for backpacking thoughts that just do not rate a new forum topic, but need to be explored or known.

Forum Topic

Forum Topics are for adding new information to the Backpacking Forums.
New Forum Topics come in two flavors:

#1> Backpacking Trails: Your experiences at specific backpacking locations on, or the sections of, the trails described on the Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney Trails Forums.
#2> Backpacking Topics: Opening new issues or posting specific experiences in one of the various Backpacking Topics Forums.

Use Forum Topic posts within a specific forum to add new information about, or open a new aspect within that particular Trail or Topic Forum.

Ideal Trail Forum topics would describe campsites, side routes, or note specific Unique locations not described on the Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney Trails Forum. Other Forum Topics could include your experiences with a specific stove or tent on the Gear Forum.

Forum Topics are your own stand-alone contribution to our backpacking trail or topic knowledge.

Backpacking Information

Backpacking Information posts allow unregistered hikers to post up plain-text information in the forums.

Navigate to the Trail or Topic Forum that relates to your issue in the Backpacker Forums, click "Backpacking Information," and the post you write will appear in that forum and across the home page forum as well.

ANYONE can post a Backpacking Information page, and this format also accepts comments from anyone. Hikers must register to upload images, videos, and use the text editor. Registered hikers can use "Trail" and "Trip" Notes to post with images, embed videos or maps, and have some editing control with a text editor.

Backpacking Story

Backpacking Stories allow unregistered backpackers to post pages in the forums to relate their perspective on the backpacking experience.

Backpacking Stories are for more complex issues, while the Backpacking Information posts are designed to address simple topics.

Because of the lack of registration security, backpacking stories are restricted to plain text, cannot use the Rich Text editor, and cannot post images.

Registration is required to post images and maps or embed videos. Registration allows users to open up the Trail Notes and Trip Notes posts, which allow images, videos, and have a text editor.


Are you curious about how backpackers approach an issue?

Something bother you, and you want to get more input, more perspectives on it?
Want to know what backpackers think or know? Ask them.

Create a poll and see how backpackers respond.

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