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Woods Creek - Rae Lakes Loop

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By Zandar58 - Posted on 23 June 2010

Here is the beginning of a trip I plan to take in July.  I took my family to Grant Grove for the long Father's Day weekend and we day hiked roads end, Cedar Grove, to Mist Falls.  9.2 miles round trip.

Woods Creek - Rae Lakes Loop
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Hey Zander!

This looks like your entry...It looks like the runoff is huge! How did the high altitude mountain tops look? What was your assessment of trail conditions? Were there a lot of people out?

You are going to be really impressed, so hold on: I bought a Singer Touch and Sew 758, circa 1970, and have already figured out the basics. I'm not ready to sew up a tux, or a tent, yet, but I've already repaired and reinforced a lot of my worn gear.

What a gas!

I look forward to getting your input and tips. 



Alex Wierbinski
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I am getting ready for the Rae Lakes Loop, looks like five of us will make it a go.  I am concerned that the snow will stop us at Grant's Pass, but will have to wait and see.

Great to see you are attacking the sewing project.  I am now just finishing a second rain/windbreaker pull over, no-see-um headnets, and a few web tie straps.  It is great to make your own gear and actually find it functional, and if it isn't quite right, fix it.

Also, I took a couple short videos of our Grant Grove day hike, and I used a new gadget, the "Stick Pic".  It is a little gadget the you put on the end of your hking pole, to hold your camera.  Check out the video  on  youtube, search for Woods Creek.

I will add more toward the end of them month, once we make a go of the loop.


We are heading in this weekend, 4 guys. any update on conditions? We are hoping to do the entire loop if possible. any info on snow conditionos especially up over the pass would be appreciated. much apprecaited..
I'm scheduled to do Rae Lakes starting July 10. Any updates on the trail conditions would be much appreciated!
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I have a brief message that will be dropped in to Reaper who has been at Rae Lakes since the 13th. He was copterd in.

He may be able to get a message out about actual conditions there...and I will post it up as soon as I get an answer.

Snow sensors are indicating 3 feet of snow in moderately shaded areas at 7000 feet. Shaded areas and valleys under forest cover will be full of snow. Higher elevations on N NE facing aspects should be holding deep snow.

High temps are here, and the snow is retreating at about a foot a week.

I imagine the N side of Glenn Pass will be challenging...and the South side in those shaded canyon-sides too.

But I will bet a few intrepred PCT hikers have blazed a track through.

I'll tell you more ASAP, as soon as I come up with any info, and post up any info you come up with too.


Alex Wierbinski

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