Third World USA: The Third World Country that Corporate Cheating, Corruption, and Corporate Greed Built

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 January 2018



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Third World USA

The Third World Country that Corporate Cheating, Corruption, and Corporate Greed Built

Call to action: Valley’s contaminated water is like ‘third world country,’
Fresno Bee, December 21, 2017.

This article is not a "call to action." Any "call to action" would target the source of the filth in the Valley, not its consequences.

The crappy article above is a "call" to continue the corruption and cheating which already poisioned the water in the first place. Here, let me help adjust this to a real, "Call to Action," to address the cause of our environmental degradation at its source, rather than hiding the causes, and enabling them to continue.

Call to Action
It's time to clean the whole, illegal third world out of the Valley, along with all the folks who employ them: Everyone, and everyone who puts "people" above the Law:

GET OUT! It's Time to go Back to Mexico!

It's time to enforce the most fundamental values and laws of our country and constitution, and clean up all the sources of bad water and bad air in California, which all directly eminate from the massive, irresponsible growth the Corporate Democrates have pulled-off over the last fifty years of unmitigated cheating and corruption:

Megacities of Filth and Corruption, the Valley full of Squalor and Poisons, and an Evil Corporate Elite to Rule them All. It looks, sounds, and smells like Mordor to Me...

Mexicans are the hand-maidens of the Corporate destruction and "counsumption" of California's politiy, ecology, and economy. The Crimigrants have served themselves and the rich while looting everyone and everything else.

This is what we get for allowing greed and cheating to dominate every aspect of political and economic life in California: Gutted Everything! Our water, schools, roads, wages, benefits, and standard of living are now at third world levels.

These are the predictable results of unlimited illegal Mexican immigration (legal, too!), and offshoring all our manufacturing jobs to China: The Democrats have broken eveything human and natural in California setting up their "international corporate fascist state."

California is a broken state of existence.

The Democrats traded citizenship to illegal cheaters, "making" illegal foreign nationals who put themselves above rule of our laws into, "citizens," all so the cheating Democrats could win elections.

The Democrats trade citizenship for votes to foreigners. Oh, and they will sell it to rich foreigners, too. OK, so you can steal, trade, or buy American "citizenship," without knowing a thing about our country, except that your desire and self-interest is above American law...

Those are the standards for "citizenship" established by the Democrats.

That's open corruption equaling treachery, being the betrayal of the fundamental ethics we must all share to even have an "America," and be able to call ourselves, "Americans." The Democrats have openly betrayed our most fundamental principal of even being and of having a sovereign nation.

This filthy Valley water (just like in Mexico!) is just the Tip of the Iceberg of the consequences of declaring Mexicans Above the Law! Every aspect of our social infrastructure has been asset-stripped by subsidizing the flood tide of cheap, illegal, middle-class "replacement" labor.

We must declare that neither the cheaters on our streets, put there and protected by the cheaters in political office, are no longer above our laws, and we fully enforce our basic American soveregnity.

That would require not only ending illegal immigration, but ending the political bribery corrupting our democratic process, legalize every American's personal system of beliefs and practices, which would legalize all drugs, legalize all behavior between consenting adults, and fully assure all citizens full equality before the law.

It's really quite simple to live up to American principals: It requires you mutually defend the private and public rights of your fellow citizens, even when you don't agree about how they use them. Thus guns, gays, drugs, and every other adult behavior between consenting adults cannot be prohibited. Reasonably regulated for our general welfare, but not prohibited.

Americans keep and practice their moral and religious principals only on themselves, and never on others. That's what it means to be an American.

Unless we take back the very enforcement and respect of this, our most basic identity as citizens, these criminals will continue to poison our waters, schools, and streets until we stop the cheating of all the politicians of both parties, and all their greedy, cheating foreign minions the Democrats have imported.

The cheaters should expect every aspect of their lives will continue to degrade, as they have degraded the life of every legitimate American citizen in the USA, until they leave.

Except the rich. The rich have cleaned-up politically and financially by draining our middle-class using peasant, illegal mexican labor here and Chinese peasants overseas: Those are the two halves of their international and domestic betrayal of, first, our democracy, then the resources and wealth of our middle-class, and turned us into a third-world peasantry ruled by a brutal corporate elite.

Cheaters never prosper, in the long run... even as their cheating makes our corporate overlord bastards richer than Nazis. Ironically the greedy crimigrants will never get what they came here for, if it was to be an, "American."
The problem is the process of immigration and offshoring itself has drained the American middle-class of their share of our Nation's wealth and power. Immigration and offshoring has turned the native American middle-class and poor into third world peasants in their own country, into strangers in an even stranger land.

The rewards of greed are bitter, as greedy crimigrants destroy what they came to steal, hurting everyone but the politicians and their paymasters as they simultanously drain our land and people.

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