Water News, Devils Straws Revival: Mordor Wants Our Water

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 February 2018


Devils Straws Revival

Mordor Wants Our Water

A ‘water grab’? Southern California water agency eyes possible control of Delta tunnels project,
Sac Bee, February 13, 2018.

Private Water Grab

"Under the plan floated Monday by three board members, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California would pour an extra $6 billion or more into the tunnels plan beyond what it has already pledged, enabling the twin tunnels to get built at the same time. Last week, facing a significant funding shortfall, the Brown administration announced it was scaling back the project to just one tunnel for now."


Emergency Situation

We need to stop further expansion and development in Southern California and Eastward, into the deserts of the "Inland Empire," especially as ecosystems have already crashed at the current levels of water withdrawl.

As the weather drys and warms we need to reduce extractions from our water and river systems, not increase them. We need to reduce our population to stable and sustainable levels, not grow them further beyond our rapidly diminishing resources.

Our ecosystems are failing at this level of water extraction vs our population level.

Our best interests are being subverted by corporate ownership of our political parties. The ability of any corporate entity to put any money into elections must be immediately ended, for our people to make reasonable decisions about every aspect of what's best for our country.

Or they will grow us beyond sustainability, as they've already done.

The current system of bribery and cheating produces the worse outcomes for our citizens and our environment, while subsidizing every aspect of the profits of our corporate elite.


Jerry the Thief


Jerry's Corporate Clown and Pony Show
This pet project is to massively expand California's population, production, consumption, and profits


Democrat Water Corruption, Recently




The Goal of the Devils Straws




Bottom-Line: Status of the Devil's Straws: Twin Tunnels Must Be Dead and Buried



Recent History of Political Water Corruption

The Great Water Ripoff Advances

Fracking Our Water

Wastewater into Wells

No problem, trashing our water

Great Water Ripoff

Water & Power: A California Heist


The Many Costs of Corruption

All the above, all the pollution threats to our health cited above are the direct product of the Oil and AG industries bribing our politicians to make killing us, "legal."
These health threats are just the tip of the iceberg. The big bribery dollars are not spent to poison us, but to directly steal our water. Developers, bankers, the agricultural, and water districts have spent million on bribes to the Democrats to assure that our taxpayers foot the multi-billion dollar bill to fund their Devils Straws boondoggle-folly. Millions in bribes for billions in profits. What could be wrong with that?

Growing Disaster
California and the whole Southwest of the US is going dry. The weather has changed, is still changing, and the Sierra snowpack is no longer reliable for the existing population of California.

The whole Delta, and the existing water system both rely on this same source, the diminishing Sierra snowpack. Building another water delivery system out of the Delta is designed to advance urban growth in, and Eastward, out of Los Angeles into San Berdo and Riverside, and through the deserts towards Vegas. This plan to expand East into the deserts is the height of greedy, corrupted, irresponsible growth.

The plan is to build-out an urban expansion of millions, building upon LA's already existing megacity population of multi-millions, built in a desert, a population that's already strained our diminishing water supply beyond its capacity to provide during the drought we just experienced, let alone the even bigger drought we confront, that's sitting on our doorstep right now.

The Devils Straws are a ripoff designed to give the Democrat's briber-banker-developer-agricultural bribers a direct straw into man and nature's most valuable resource during the biggest downturn in water we've ever seen or imagined.

This will assure them they can grow our populations East into the deserts, by millions and millions, as our water system collapses around us.





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