Video One: Basic Backpacking Considerations

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 23 March 2010

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Considerations before taking a High Sierra backpacking trip

This is Part One of a four part video series that covers the range of factors you will encounter when backpacking in High Sierra snow. These considerations will control your preparations. These considerations are interrelated, and your evaluation of each one will affect the others.

These same considerations control your preparations for all backpacking trips, independent of season.

  Your main considerations are Weather, Route, Gear, Time,  and Food.

Your analysis of the weather will determine the snow and trail conditions, which will affect your gear selection. Snow conditions and route selection will determine your likely route, and the time it will take you to cover this route, and this time estimate will finally determine your food needs.

The Winter Backpacking Gear Video Series deals with these issues.

After ascertaining your route, mileage, elevations, exposure, weather history, current conditions, and future forecasts you can select your gear. Once you got your gear together, it's time to make sure your food is good to go as well.

The Backpacking Food Video Series

#1>Basic Considerations before starting a Snow Trip in the Sierras: This Page

#2>Food Part 1: Determining your daily Calories and Menu

#3>Food Part 2: Selecting Snacks.

#4>Food Part 3: Packing your food.

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Comments, questions, or additions to the info can be added through the comment link below. I would love you to Register, and post up your menu and tasty treat experiences. I'm Hungry for your Snack Ideas!



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