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By Cayenne - Posted on 30 March 2016

 Spring has come to the eastern Sierras and time to spring clean the first aid kit. Alex has provided excellent information about his first aid kit in the gear list. I am an avid day hiker, so the contents of my bag are a bit different. I also have extensive medical training and access to prescription drugs, so I try to keep stuff to help out others on the trail. This is the time of year I pull the first aid kit from the depths of my day pack and inspect and refill the contents. My bag is not huge and contains all the things I need to survive the sun, rain, cold, bugs and injury/illness for a few days. The injuries that I have encountered on the trail are blisters, splinters, cuts and scrapes and the occasional laceration that needs stitches. The illness that I have encountered are mild cases of upset stomach, sunburn, bug bites, sore/strained muscles, heat exhaustion and high altitude sickness.

 First aid gear:

Petzel Headlamp with two extra batteries (doubles as my main headlamp on overnight trips)

Plastic poncho (this has saved a friend in a high-altitude thunderstorm)

Foil emergency blanket (this has saved me from potential hypothermia)

Water purifier pills (never have had to use them)

Leatherman Style SC (I love the scissors on this piece)

Hand sanitizer (doubles as a fire starter because of the high alcohol content)

Repel 100 (Deet) (Not just for mosquitoes, but ticks that carry Lime’s disease and meat bees (wasp))

Snake bite kit (tourniquet, sterile blade, Iodine prep, suction)

Waterproof matches with striker

Zinc Sunscreen

Wet One's Sensitive Skin Hand Wipe Singles (x6) (These are the first line of wound care! One to clean the hands of the person administering the care, the second one to help clean the wound and/or hold pressure to stop the bleeding.)

Band-aids (regular) big ones (x3), small ones (x4), knuckle (x1)

Band-aids (blister) large (x3), small (x4)

Bacitracin Ointment .9 g foil packet (x2)

Sterile 18 gauge needle (splinter removal)

3M Steri-Strips ¼ x 4 in (For closing deep lacerations)


Ibuprofen/Advil (pain) (lots)

Acetaminophen/Tylenol (pain) (lots)

Diphenhydramine/Benadryl (allergic reaction) (x4 in blister pack)

Ondansetron/Zofran (nausea/vomiting) (x4)

Cyclobenzaprine/ Flexeril (muscle relaxer) (x4)

Tramadol/Ultram (pain) (x4)

Prochlorperazine/Compazine (vertigo/nausea) (x4)


 Trail Guide Gear List; First Aid

That if that is to go prepared, so I see you do not lack anything

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