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Trail Index: Reds Meadow to Vermilion Valley Resort

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 March 2015

We will find there are more ways to hike the JMT than skin a cat. South of Reds Meadow we can follow the standard JMT to the VVR ferry at Lake Thomas Edison, or we can hike an alternative route down Fish Valley to the great beauties of Iva Bell Hot Springs.

Iva Bell Hot Springs are the Hilton Hotels of High Sierra Hot Springs. Its set up campsites climbing up the end of the Fish Valley to accompany the series of hot springs climbing the mountain are splendid.

From Iva Bell we can hike over Goodale Pass to walk into Vermilion Valley Resort to pick up our resupply package we sent to ourselves there.

On the JMT route we hike along the North Flank of Fish Valley to cross the Silver Divide at the head of Fish Valley.
Our descent brings us near the North end of Lake Thomas Edison where a campsite for resupplying backpackers sits next to the ferry pickup spot.


Reds Meadow to Vermilion Valley Resort
PCT-JMT-and an Alternative Route

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