Pollution and Corruption Killing Man and Nature

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 October 2017



Killing Man

The Research

Pollution responsible for 16 percent of deaths globally -- Lancet Commission report,


The News

Study: Pollution kills 9 million a year, costs $4.6 trillion,
AP, October 19, 2017.


How does this happen?

How do these "health crimes" play out?

It's Simple Bribery:


Cell Phone EM

Wastewater into Wells

Waste-watered Crops

(This is only a partial list. Everything politicians touch is tainted by bribery and corruption.)


The Power companies Flex their Political Muscles We Burn & We Die & Then We Pay



Latest "Tip of the Iceberg" of Political Corruption

Drug Companies Bribe DEA & Congress

Why 60 Minutes' story on the DEA made Americans so angry,
CBS, October 17, 2017.

What CBS Does Not Say

Parties and Politicians are Legally Bribed

The problem is that CBS does not identify the core problem behind their DEA, Congress, and the American Opioid Epidemic story. The core problem is the open and accepted corporate political bribery that makes it so easy for every drug company, every energy company, the Banking, Telecom, Trucking & Real Estate industries to bribe both parties and all their politicians to achieve their "policy goals" (a drug-addicted America, in this case) to enhance their profits. Our health and safety mean nothing to these people. Their goal is the pursuit of wealth and power. Bribing "our" politicians is how they do it.
(billions in bribes + jobs & "speeches")

Corporate bribery dominates all aspects of American politics, to the great detriment of our country, our personal health & safety, and the health of our Natural world. And, possibly most importantly, to our fundamental values as Americans. Bribery demonstrates our true motivation is not the exceptional ethics and values of being an American, but greed. That greed has opened-up a veritable "Pandora's Box" of political corruptions, which we must now close.

That's the real "DEA" story here, again, about how the bribery, cheating, and greed which have corrupted our country's politics have filtered down and infiltrated the DEA, showing us how anything either of the political parties has ever touched can not be trusted, and is now subordinated to serving the greed of their bribers, rather than their institution's mandates.

It is this exact same system of bribery-driven corruption of both political parties that has funded and profited from stealing the "real wealth" of our nation, that of our middle-class, by moving our manufacturing to third world countries simultanous with pushing a flood tide of third world workers into our country.

Corporate political cheaters are using foreign cheaters to cheat us twice. First, out of our vote & rights in policy formation, then out of our wealth.

That's how the corporate policies that have broken our wage, benefit, and American employment standards down to shameful levels were created: by bribery & cheating. These are the exact methods & policies being used to rip-off the wealth of our whole middle-class, a big chunk of the wealth of the whole world, and move it to the top of the American Corporate Food Chain.

"Mission Accomplished"

These greed-driven corporate policies of "endless growth" are the two main weapons breaking societies & despoilng Nature around the whole world. Bribery and corruption is how these "policies" are "instituted."
This is how the Corporate Growth Machine of Death "works," and there's only one way to stop it. That's by directly targeting the source of its political power. The corrupt corporate financial dominance of American politics must be broken. All corporate money must be banned from politics, and all voters held to equal contribution law. Any and every link between corporate wealth and politics must be broken. This is the only way to stem the flood tide of pernacious effects unrestricted corporate greed are having on our country, on societies around the whole world, and on every aspect of our Natural World.

The forces of organized corporate greed must be shattered here, at their "global headquarters," (in the US!) and scattered to the winds before their corruption fatally wounds our country, and our world. 


The Power companies Flex their Political Muscles We Burn & We Die & Then We Pay


Greatest Danger to Man & Nature

Bribery, bribed politicians and their bribed corporate regulators





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