Plant News: Oh-Oh, Plant Respiration Produces 30% More CO2 than Thought

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 November 2017



Plant News


Plant Respiration Produces 30% More CO2 than Thought

Carbon emissions by plant respiration will have large impact on climate,

"The study shows, carbon release by plant respiration may be around 30 percent higher than previously predicted."

"...should warn all global modelers that an updated inspection is warranted regarding how we model carbon flows in and out of terrestrial ecosystems globally.”


What Does It All Mean?

I started watching Nature carefully when I was very young, not quite sixty years ago. I had orientation skills early. Timing is part of physical orientation. I became aware of the ebb and flow of San Francisco Fogs and Sierra Snows early, moving from the Bay Area to Reno in second grade. Watching "It" became second nature. I began noticing “It,” doing weird shit into the late 80’s and ‘90s, when strange-ass winds started blowing across the seasonal transitions, compared with the seasonal wind change timings of the 60s and 70s. Early and late winds from abberent directions.

These were Bad Omen winds. Very Big Bad Omen Winds. I felt deep forboding. Winds that don’t blow then (at that time of season), or there (out of that direction), unless something is deeply wrong. Omens of deep changes. “Hunker-down” Omens. Omens requiring introspection as well as careful external observation.

We, our, "polity," did virtually nothing at the time, except for shallow justifications for continued relentless domestic demographic growth while at exactly the same time, "tax-exempting," and otherwise rewarding the movement of American manufacturing and industrial capacity to the ultra-low wage, ultra-environmentally unregulated tyranical Chinese Commie State.

These are the policies first triggering, and that have directly driven those strange winds  into much longer and still radically increasing Summers with reciprocally decreasing Winters.
Hey, I was lucky enough to ski the Sierra during the late ‘60s into the mid 70s. It was a different meterological (and therefore biological) era.

These are also exactly the policies driving the concentration of wealth in the US.

Now the “weird winds” driving our seasonal changes are accelerating, having become the first early steps leading to the new pattern that's establishing itself. What was "weird" has become "normal." The last bits of Nature that survived our last 200 years of full frontal attack are now fully and finally collapsing as the last bits of weather supporting their defense collapses out from under them.

These are also exactly the policies driving the destruction of ecosystems in the US.

Tipping points? We are not looking in the correct locations for “tipping points.” We are still looking into “atmospheric” numbers, into how much CO2 & CH4 is in the atmosphere, calcualtions about the composition of the atmosphere. Though vitally important, that’s so yesterday.

The skies, and our behavior that drives sky changes, no longer hold that answer. The skies have already spoken in their turn, when the winds first changed, properly drawing attention to themselves, and directly pointing to the next consequence in our daisy-chain of changes, to the seasonal weather's deep, deep interrelationship with with the Engines and Web of life, as our traditional winds and the seasonal changes driving them both, are the very fuel of the Engines and Web of life on this planet.

Today, the forefront of “information” about the nature of how our “CO2” production is driving change is coming from the “bottom-line,’ from the drastic changes in the timing, responces, power, and fertility of the Engines of Life, and the Web of Life that depends on them on this planet.

We can see the biological fertility of our planet dropping as fast as we’ve changed the directions & timing of the winds everywhere, but the biological fertility decline lags a few steps behind the climate changes themselves. The Web of Life suffers and shrinks in its consequential turn in the wake of our planatary remodeling.

The human world is not "ending" as the web of life collapses around us, but we can very cleary see that the fundamental seasonal and traditional, “weather mechanisms,” the same ones operating since the end of the last Ice Age, and are necessary to fuel the fertility and productivity of global crops as presently distributed, are changing very rapidly, and are at a very high risk of bigger and faster changes than we've  currently been experiencing.

Hummm…. Time to slow this "show" down?

Neither you, nor your legasy can run or hide from this. I stand humbled by the achivements of my ideological past while shamed by its subsequent betrayal of our ideals and our environment.

The fundamental causes, the sources driving these changes must be confronted now or their consequences will be felt on every strand of the Web of Life, far, far into the future. 


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