Camp and Trail; Members Favorite Gear Bits and Tips for High Sierra Backpacking

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 February 2016

Members Favorites

Random Backpacking Gear Bits

There's lot's of little things that make camping in the High Sierra comfortable and pleasurable.




tstockt                 550 cord-paracord 

stefalive              swiss army knife victorinox

Alex                     love my swiss army knife...

denovo                Leatherman



Loves their gear... 
Husband and I have worked hard to acquire great gear. I love my backpack, tent, icebreaker base layer, and my collapsible bucket- I like to wash.



Da Feet

Hiking 50                  Saucony Caliber 
Right now, these are the most comfortable shoes I've found.

PerfectDay                My Feet!



Poles Assist All

vplane                      Black Diamond trekking poles

JDVandevelde         Black Diamond carbon poles




tstockt                      light my fire firesteel  




AlexW                      Snow stake to dig crapholes



It's the Fishing

Polvito1977              my 7 foot , 3-4 weight , Sage fly rod !!!!!!



Easy Water

Kayamper                Sawyer Squeeze



It's True

mjamison            Maybe it sounds odd - a clear plastic double walled mug from REI

AlexW                 Agreed: I loooove my big Winter-Proof blue backpacking mug!

dthoming            Stanley cook pot



Security Is...

Frddet1                  My Rain Coat


PerfectDay             A fine Down Coat: Ghost Whisper Jacket MH


Johnnymans        Kuhl Pants Convertible pants

                            Kelty day pack  (Alex's '70s vintage Kelty Daypack)



This forum is for the random but vital little bits of gear, giveing attention to the details that smooth out life on the trail and in camp, but mostly in camp.


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Post up your camp tips and bits of random gear that sweeten trail and camp life.



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