Tents: Member Favorites for High Sierra Backpacking

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 February 2016

Members Favorites

Backpacking Tents for High Sierra Backpacking

Experienced Backpacker selections for best High Sierra Backpacking Tents.

What makes a good tent? That depends on your capabilities and standards against your preferences and budget. We discuss these factors in Backpacking Tent Selection.

Another method is to find out what a range of smart backpackers is using, then figure which best apply to your particular set of circumstances. I figure the best approach employs balancing the best information we can find about ourselves and available gear.

Our member's favorite backpacking tents appear below, as cited by them. 


Backpacking Tents 
Roll Your Own

balzaccom                       Our homemade tent!

Zandar58                         Ray Jardine Tent Tarp



Backpacking Tents


Rocky                              REI Arete 3

AlexW                             REI Old Half Dome 



Sierra Designs 

Polvito1977                     Sierra Designs Tents




Frddet1                          The Eureka Line



Ultralight & Standard Tents

Hiking 50                        Naturehike Tents


PerfectDay                   Black Diamond Tents



Coffin Tents I:
Able to Sit Upright

Big Agnes

Razzi                                Big Agnes Fly Creek Platinum UL2


mikedevries                     Big Agnes

JDVandevelde              Big Agnes


lotsbackpacker                Big Agnes Seedhouse 2 UL

denovo                            Seedhouse SL2


Thomas Eusterbrock        Big Agnes copper spur tent

Flower                              Big Agnes Cooper Spur



gbrahaney                        MSR Hubba Tent




Ekulytes                          REI 2 person Arete



Coffin Tents II:
 NOT Able to Sit Upright

Tpack                           Nemo Esprit tent

AlexW                           Walrus Micro-Swift



 Tarp Tents


claviusrobinsky               TarpTent Contrail

markskor                          TarpTent Rainbow  





cmcrooker                        ZPacks Duplex tarp (Field Pic)

rn2pacu                           ZPacks Duplex

idria1                              Zpack Heximid Solo-plus



No Tent Preferred, if possible

Troy Kent                      "Cowboying It"

dthoming                      Hammock


This is a new feature under construction. Stay Tuned as it becomes more effective. Post up your experiences and preferences to make it more effective!


I use different tents for different seasons, if possible. First, my use of the tent is "by need" only. The two things we need the greatest protection from during Summer are mosquitoes and weather. The tent is my pillow if the mosquitoes are light and the weather good.


Summer Coffin
Because tent use during Summer is by-need only, I find my tiny "coffin" tent adequete for the tasks. But, the coffin tent is a tight fit. Coffin tent models are available that allow one to sit up, which is nice. Mine does not.


Spring and Fall Mansion
 During Spring and Fall the type of possible weather; rain, changes my tent preferences from tiny coffin to a more roomy 2-man tent. The main reason is that getting in and out of a one man tent in the rain is a bitch. So I bring the weight of a 2-person tent.

 I find the extra space of my two-man tent delightful when extended rains force us into the tent for extended periods during Spring and Fall. I hike solo, but deploy a 2-man tent during rain, doubling my tent weight.

It is totally worth-it for extended travel under rainy conditions.


Bury Me in Snow
  When Winter kicks in with full force I return to the coffin tent. I can easily and quickly bury it in snow (or let a storm bury my partially dug-in tent) and quickly attain forty+ degrees in any conditons with enough snow to dig in.

Properly set up my little coffin tent is a master of Winter Survival.


More on Tents


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Post up your High Sierra (and other) tent experiences guiding your ratings and preferences here.


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