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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 September 2017

October 4, 2017



September 29


Vast Industrial Operations
Illegal with Illegals

Marijuana growing in state’s national forests,
Mountain Democrat, September 29, 2017.

“Between 2015 and 2016 we saw a 52 percent increase in the amount of marijuana growing in the state on federal land.”

“90 percent of those arrested in the national forest are here illegally from Mexico”

Vast Industrial Pot Operations being run by illegals in our National Forests and Parks, damaging the forests and endangering backpackers.


The bigger problem:

People who put themselves above our rule of law and Constitution are not, and can never, by definition, be Americans. They do not submit to our Constitution or its rules. Our Constitution is a mutual agreement on princpals and restraints, not “membership” in a “club” that can be purchased or stolen.

This group certainly includes the politicians at the top who run this scam, along with their illegal minions at the bottom, who run in this scam.

We can’t fix the damages we’ve done to Nature, until we fix the damages we’ve done to ourselves, our Constitution, and our Country, until we restrain ourselves within our own ethical limits. The former, fixing Nature, requires the latter, fixing our ethics. All of our problems demand values to solve, not more of the same greed-driven irresponsible “growth” that caused our environmental, social, and political problems in the first place. That “growth” of greed must stop before it kills us. It is already killing our forests.

Just think of how much better-off we’d be, if we never allowed our corporate masters to run their “drug war,” and their, “replace the middle-class with illegals” scams. We’d be as rich and as well-educated citizens as we were before these scams were foisted on our citizens, before they smashed the American Environment. Now, fifty years after starting immigration and the drug war, we have this crazy, “war on terror,” that we started… and, “amazingly,” our corporate masters now possess virtually all the wealth and political power of our country. Including the majority-share of America’s wealth that was once held by the middle class.

That’s what the corporate programs of offshoring and immigration did.

Our corporate scam-masters have drained us and the last bits of the Natural Environment in our country using their foreign empire and its billions of greedy and desperate minions, to begin their, “race to the bottom.” The end of this race rapidly approaches.

They’ve intentionally made, “The American Dream,” being the goal being getting into the US, the target of millions (if not billions) of their peasants who are living under their American-sponsored dictatorships, “Kings,” “generals,” “emirs,” or under the sway of corrupted corporate or religious police states around the world.

These folks totally accept police-state level governmental power and vast political corruption here, just like they did in their American-sponsored corrupted tyrants at home! But here the worker gets a bigger cut of the proceeds of their crimes, of the, “take,” than at home!

I have never met one illegal, and only a handfull of legal immigrants, that had even the slightest clue about the principals established in our Constitution. Except, according to them all, being in America gives them the “Freedom” to do whatever they want to get rich and gratify all their desires, whatever they may be. They are mistaken. That’s not freedom, it’s licence.


That licence is the “American Dream,” according to every foreigner and politician I’ve ever met. Oh, and of course you “Dreamers” get to put yourself above any of our laws that get in the way of your self-interests. Our corporate masters have taught the world that self-gratification of greedy consumer desires is the “American Dream,” and that it is cruel to deny gratification to greedy “kids.”

No, that is not what it means to be an American. The people who play by that set of “rules” are not Americans. They are trashing our country and its core values. Hey, all drugs would be legal if we operated by our own Constitutional principals, and we would be dealing with many fewer problems than we’ve created with our police state “war” on drugs.

The same applies to offshoring and illegals. We’d be a lot better off as a country with much richer and much better educated average citizens if we did neither. But the corporate elite would not have their police state, their empire, and their unimaginable wealth.

Our corporate masters are slaves of their own greed and desires. This has driven them to import millions and millions of people who play by their rules, by the rules of greed, power, wealth, and self-interest that most effectively created, drives, and guides our corrupted police state and empire today. Our corporate consumers and their corporate politicians are not driven by the eternal ethics enshrined in our Constitution. They are a disgrace to it.

Their greed has spread grief, natural destruction, and pain all around the Natural and Human worlds.

Our First Forefathers (not the Second Traitor Forefathers, the robber barons!) tried to create a system to prevent the rise of an aristocracy like our current corporate elite, by denying government all the tools of tyranny that our corporate masters have already seized, and they openly seized these illegal powers during our lifetimes, during their flood tide of illegals and offshoring.

That is a major, “generational,” FAILURE for all of us Americans living from 1960 to the current date. Nature and Mankind are paying, and will continue to pay a very high price for our ethical failures, for our failures to live up to our own, eternal Constitutional values.

Our Constitutional liberties are gone, our forests are dying, and our Web of Life & natural environment are shredding in our thrall.

Our liberties have become cover for licence.

And right now hikers in the foothills must watch out for heavily armed illegals who are guarding their vast crops of flowering pot plants in our National Forests up and down the West Flank of the Sierra. 

Neither should be. Drugs should never have criminalized and illegals never tolerated, if we observed our own Constitutional ethical standards

Be Observant!



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October 4, 2017

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Enforcing Prop. 64 is no easy task,
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