Health and Fitness News: Grim News for Lyme's Disease, It Survives in Organs after Antibiotic Regime

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 December 2017



Health & Fitness News

Grim News for Lyme's Disease

Survives in Organs after Antibiotic Regime

Study: Lyme bacteria survive 28-day course of antibiotics months after infection,
Tulane University, December 13, 2017.


Tick Defense Strategies

How to Prevent Disease

The Tick-Borne Disease Problem

There’s been a lot of mysterious “post” lyme disease trouble in the lyme disease patient population. Science and medicine had no answers, up to now. It turns out the spiroketes can hide all over the place from the antibiotics, leaving patients better than before, but not rid of the disease.

Prevention is the Only Cure

My solution to all tick borne illness is preventative, to locate the tick before it can sink itself into us, or find and remove it before, A> it has had time to bury its head deeply, and, B> remove it before its pathogen has time to be activated by the heat & nutrition contained in my blood, and infects me.

Dormant, & Incubation Period

All tick-borne pathogens are dormant in the ticks until feeding, to prevent the pathogen from killing its vector, the tick. We have between 24 to 48 hours to remove a tick after it begins feeding, to, “beat the clock,” on pathogen revival and communicablility.

The Tick Stick

Proper prevention practices are the ‘tick stick,” the proper clothing, all sealed-up, and constant self inspection for the presence of tickage. The “tick stick” is a long, thin branch I select for the task that's used to move grass stalks out of my path while passing through. It also serves to bring grass and branches into inspection range, and is also good to beat the dew off the grass in the morning, so we reduce our dew uptake.

We can observe ticks hanging on the ends of grass stalks and branches.

Ticks are not a major problem in the Sierra, only carried up as ‘strays” on migrating mammals. Ticks are a major threat in the Coastal Range & temperate grasslands from Monterey North. Ticks are a major force in temperate forests that are not subject to Winter snow or freezing.


Tick News

Ancient Mighty Tick

Ticks on the Move

Backpacking through the Mosquito & Ticks




Health & Fitness News

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