Geology News: Our Evil Shakes the Earth as it Warms the Skies

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2017



Human Activity as Good for the Earth as it is for the Skies

Our Evil Shakes the Earth as it Warms the Skies

SMU seismology research shows North Texas earthquakes occurring on 'dead' faults,

This research proves the novel swarms of North Texas earthquakes, earthquakes in a geologically "dead" basin, are induced by human activities, specifically the injection of toxic wastes into abandoned oil wells.

That's what we do with the toxic waste by-products that our techno-industrial consumer lifestyle produces: we spew it into our atmosphere, we dump it in the rivers, we sink it into our oceans, we pollute our own drinking water, and we even inject it into our Earth. The volume of industrial toxic waste currently produced by a population of six billion people is enormous, and these vast rivers of filth are growing as rapidly as our corrupted politicians can expand our population.

Our irresponsible behavior, our "injecting" vast and ever-growing streams of toxic wastes into our Earth, into our Sky, into our Rivers, and all of our Oceans have comesurate consequences in each of these vital aspects of our environment. This research above shows that the great changes currently affecting every aspect of our planet's physical and biological health are also affecting our geology! Wow! We humans are so very powerfully stupid. There are lessons to be learned here.

Human activity, human greed really, has induced these 300 million year old dead faults in North Texas to come back to life. This earthquake activity is a geological corallary to our atmospheric effects, which have been rapidly shifting our climate, shifting the character and timing of our seasons, really, to one very much like an ancient CO2 configuration. These changes in turn drive changes in ocean temps and chemistry  reinforcing the changing weather. These brutal physical changes to our biosphere are the products of human desire.

This same "greed effect" of humans on Nature has also induced ancient formations of ice to move and change rapidly, as well as triggering profound changes in atmospheric and oceanic conditions that have shifted our traditional storm tracks.
Now we see, feel really, that our ignorance is so powerful as to make the Earth shake! We are so greedy we make the Skies Bake and the Earth Shake! These are all truly the signs of the anthropocene, of our human effect being carved very deeply into the faces of every aspect of Mother Nature around us, including internally, geologically, as well as everything on and above the surface of the Earth, too. We would be stupid to think we could get-away with poisioning our planet without poisioning ourselves, if we really thought about it. That would be a stupid assumption...

We have in fact poisioned our own human biology, as well as the biology of the Natural world around us.

Not all those toxic wastes make it, or stay, "down in the hole." A significant amount of toxics are retained in the packaging of the food you eat and the beverages you drink, until the global breakdown of plastic packaging made endocrine-disrupting toxins "ubiquitious" in our environment. Karm's a Bitch when you're Greedy.

Our greed has not just changed the timing of the seasons, which have not just affected the lives of all living things, nor have we merely generated earthquakes where there were none before, but we have poisioned our whole environment with industrial toxics, who's effects have changed the basic composition and trajectory of Nature and humanity around the world.

We have put the whole world on a diet of sex-change hormones.

Without the brutal self-gratification and greed of our corporate masters to "lead" us, to organize our various, "diverse" greeds, we apparently do not know who we are, or where we are going, except that we will consume as much as we can, and grow without restraint until we can finally consume everything within the sight and reach of our desires.

A fine plan!

Do you prefer the Democrat or Republican versions of unethical, relentless greed-driven growth?


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