Geo News: Is Iron Core Rusting our Planet's Engine of Atmospheric Hydrogen & Oxygen?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 15 November 2017



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Is Iron Core Rusting our Planet's Engine of Atmospheric Hydrogen & Oxygen?

When water met iron deep inside the Earth, did it create conditions for life?

Naw, but the production of continent-sized bergs of Iron Crystal Rust by splitting H2O at the core boundary is just too cool! And these vast Iron Crystal Rust bergs are full of O2.

The mechanism of slabs of moisture-rich surface terrain sucked down to the core-boundary by plate techtonics providing water to crack out the hydrogen we find in our atmosphere today, is stunning.

This research goes a step too far by crediting some unknown internal chemical processes for releasing the O2 bound-up in the vast Iron Crystal Rust bergs (rust resulting from splitting the O2 out of the out of the surface slab's water)  as the source of the "Great Oxidation Event," which gave our Earth its modern atmosphere. I think I'm still a fan of the biologically-triggered "oxidation" described in the research below.

Geologists will be geologists! Everyone thinks their own disciplines explain everything!

Maybe the transformation to an O2 atmosphere was the product of a matrix of geological and biological interactions, including core-boundary Iron Crystal Rust bergs outgassing part of our "modern" atmosphere.

We explore this issue even more deeply (pun intended) in the last bit of Geo-News:

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