Eco Crash News: Arctic Warming affects Brit & Euro Weather

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 January 2018



Eco Crash News
Arctic Warming affects Brit & Euro Weather

High Latitude Global Weather Changed Everywhere

Is Arctic warming influencing the UK's extreme weather?
University of Lincoln, January 4, 2018.

This research indicates the warming Arctic is setting up a stationary High Pressure blocking ridge disrupting normal Summer weather patterns, which "....may be a key factor affecting extreme weather conditions over the UK..."

The UK has been experiencing increasingly radical downpours and flooding.

The radically increased temps in the Arctic are a major component contributing to the end of the traditional cycle, range, and character of the whole Northern Hemisphere's whole seasonal weather pattern. Yet the Arctic is not alone.

We've changed the abiltiy of our atmosphere to capture heat, which has disrupted the whole planet's annual global cycle of heating and cooling. This effect has grown enough to actually change the shape of the atmospheric bulge around the Equator of our planet, the shape of the "taper," of the atmosphere North and South of the Equator, and change its annual cycle of. "shape-shifting," as our atmosphere's relationship with the Sun goes through its annual cycle.

That's what all the fancy meterologists are really focusing on, how various 'waves" and "cycles" have shifted, which is just a fancy way of saying the shape of the Equatorial atmosphere has changed.

Not only has it changed, already dooming our traditional weather and dependent ecological set-ups that cannot run away fast enough, or change, but the shape of the atmosphere is still changing, and it is changing faster.

Though I advocate for the end of the irresponsible demographic growth and for, "on-shoring," for bringing all our manufacturing back from, "environmental regulation-free China," it really does not matter.
Our current level of population, production, and consumption have already passed the point of changing the fundamental balance of life and fertility on this planet sufficient to significantly reduce the population and quality of life of every average human. And humans will give Nature a, "hand."

Once water and fertility collapses enough, individuals, groups, regions, and nations will begin to kill each other to control the dwindling water and fertility.


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