Don't waste time or money on water purification system

By Unidentified Hiker - Posted on 03 July 2015

I will assume that you went to college and that you can conduct basic research.

Read what SECOR has to say (author of High Sierra). Read what the UCLA biologiical research has shown.

When people get sick it is a 99% chance that they poisoned themselves due to poor hygene. It is not the water. It is not the water. Really, it is NEVER the water.

The bigger question is why do humans continue to make serious and important group think mistakes?

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Recent scholarship shows many sources of High Sierra contamination, including deer, small mammals, cattle, and humans.

Research clearly shows all these as vectors of contamination.

Oh, and yes, human and human self-contamination too.

All the Above!

I have also found certain people virtually immune from many contaminants, while others have little tolerance for anything with a little "life" in it.

Call it fear, caution, or a resonable application of the precautionary principal, but I'll keep my old PUR filter, Thank You Very Much,

Happy Trails!


For more on High Sierra water and other safety issues, see the High Sierra Mountain Safety Forum:

Alex Wierbinski

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