CLIMATE NEWS: The Jena Experiment, Total Ecosystem Monitoring

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2017




The Jena Experiment: Total Ecosystem Monitoring

Biodiversity Critical for Nitrogen Cycle


Jena Experiment: Loss of species destroys ecosystems,

"...established in 2002, one of the largest biodiversity experiments worldwide."

"In addition to plants, all other organisms occurring in the ecosystem were also examined -- in and above the ground. In addition, soil scientists also investigated the material cycles for carbon, nitrogen, and nitrate, as well as the water cycle over the entire 15-year period."

"it was demonstrated for the first time the extent to which e.g. the nitrogen cycle of a certain piece of land depended on a wide range of factors such as species diversity, microbiological organisms, the water cycle, and plant interaction."

"..the influence of biodiversity is only visible after a delay..."

" If a habitat is destroyed due to human intervention, a species usually does not go extinct immediately, but instead some time later. According to these findings, this extinction then has a delayed effect on the material cycles."

"...the Jena Experiment proves for the very first time that a loss of biodiversity results in negative consequences for many individual components and processes in ecosystems. Hence, the loss of species worldwide not only means that a percentage of the evolutionary legacy of the earth is being irrecoverably lost, and that humans are not fulfilling their duty of care towards other creatures, but will have direct, unpleasant consequences for mankind. Among other things, the loss of species also has an effect on material cycles -- which in turn have a direct influence on water supply, the source of all life."


Hanging on Under Diminishing Habitat Shadows
Species may appear deceptively resilient to climate change







November 2017 High Sierra General News 


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