Blood Money for Dead Trees

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 25 September 2017



Blood Money
Sap Money?

Finally, a focus on saving the great forests of the Sierra. Is it too late?
Sac Bee, September 21, 2017.

This money is the “spare change” from the outragous profits brough by our corporate leader’s grossly irresponsible growth and development that’s already ravaged High Sierra forests. This spare change is nothing more than blood money, a public relations ploy that does not come close to addressing the causes, nor actually ending, the damages brought by massive irresponsible demographic growth and offshoring our manufacturing. These policies are sponsored and supported by the corporate politicians who control both parties.

These fake “environmentalists” in California throw pennies into the warming winds that their policies already changed, and are still changing, as the weather of the world, the whole ecosystem of California, as well as destroying Sierra forests without doing a thing to address their very immigration and offshoring policies that triggered this environmental meltdown.

These lemmings are running off the cliff of life!

These “people,” our bribed and bought politicians, ignore the fact that it’s their very immigration and offshoring policies are the direct cause of our environmental meltdown. The destructive force of their growth and development program far exceeds the pathetic mitigations their blood money purchases.

This problem can only be addressed at its root, by ending the irresponsible demographic growth and by stopping all offshoring of our manufacturing to filthy countries. Those are the first two fundamental positions of any responsible environmentalist. The third fundamental position being the necessity of completely cutting off the corporate bribery and corruption that maintains unlimited immigration and offshoring.

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