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I need to get outta this place...

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 01 July 2015

Hey Kids,

I need to go backpacking post-haste. City life sucks and has about driven me crazy. I will be ready to run screaming into Nature after the Fourth.

How about you?

I have a five to seven day trip planned out of the Saint Marys Pass Trailhead near the top of Highway 108. I need a ride up there between the 5th and 7th, if anyone is driving that way.

But here's the real deal, why I am posting here; I am hiking North on an untrailed segment of the TYT to an unmaintained segment of trail, then down to maintained trail.

From the maintained TYT on the West Flank we will hike over to the PCT on the East Flank, then navigate North through the unmaintained trail along the East Carson River (amazing terrain) to where we turn East to exit the East Flank of the Sierra to Hwy 395, to hitch back to your car.

This is quite the backpacking trip, much with no trail, or unmaintained trail.

I will hike this with about anyone basically qualified with a car. I really do not want to deal with hitching across the valley right now...

"Qualified" means you need to be fit, with fundamental backpacking experience and gear. You can be a rookie or beginner backpacker, but you must be reasonably fit with the proper gear. I've got enough experience for a herd of backpackers...

In exchange for a ride up there I will show you how to find your way across the unmaintained and untrailed terrain over this fairly difficult and challenging route. I am good at that kind of thing.

I'm Alex, a lifetime four-season High Sierra backpacker. You can check out my experience level and qualifications on my trail guide, Tahoe to Whitney:

You also must be quiet, observant, and preferably a quick learner.

Quiet: Don't scare Nature away.
Observant: See Nature.
Quick Learner: Route Finding.

It's cool if you are an expert backpacker. Hell, you can lead. I don't care. If you are real good I will consult with you about probing new routes. Otherwise I will likely follow my basic routes.

I have done these routes many times.

I am taking my time, and plan on camping at Clarks Meadow, Boulder Lake, the PCT at the East Carson River junction, and Carson Falls. I might just stay two nights at Carson Falls. I am totally taking my time.

This means that I will not be pressing you hard, which means that you just have to be in reasonably good shape... I don't see hiking more than maybe 10 or 12 miles a day. At most.

You can trace out most of this route on this map I made:

Click the black dots for more detailed maps, and the red dots for location information.

This is a good chance for a rookie backpacker to kick their skills up to the next level. Once you can do this kind of trip you will be able to navigate the TYT, and be ready for about anything the PCT can throw at you!

All Right! If you have a ride for me, or actually believe you have a week to spend on some amazing High Sierra Trails with an old-school backpacker, let me know.

I need to get the heck out of Dodge!

Happy Trails,


PS: I'm in Berzerkely. 

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