Delta Water News: Trump is the Devil? Just One within a Corrupted Polity & Nation

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 04 January 2018



Water News
Trump is the Devil?

Just one within a fully corrupted polity & nation

As fish disappear, Trump administration seeks to pump more California water south
Sac Bee, January 2, 2018.

Trump has as much chance of a salmon living a long and normal in California, as he has to increase Delta pumping. The current status-quo feeding the Corporate Growth Machine of Death has already failed environmentally, socially, and economically.

"Turning it Up," will fix nothing.

Building it bigger or running it faster both advance the forces of destruction, and, because Trump is doing it, will bring even greater resistance to further destruction of our already broken ecosystems.

Trump is the gift that keeps giving... I never tire of watching the corporate-bribed politician's heads continually exploding. Those bribed tools of corporate evil are the Democrats, in case you're confused.

This was demonstrated by Democrat Brown's failure in pushing continued growth through his Devil's Straws, the "Twin Tunnels" plan, to feed and repay his corporate sponsors. Brown's stupid plan had already begun to bring together resistance to endless growth. Now Trump's actions will consolidate the forces resisting irresponsible growth further, not dispel them.

The problem is the "resistance" to continued environmental destruction are also exactly the same folks calling for, and supporting the endless illegal and legal immigration that are driving forces behind the irresponsible growth that destroyed our environment in the first place!

This leads me to the inevitable conculusion that the so-called, "environmentalists" in California are self-defeating, deluded idiots that are only fooling themselves and impressing each other, much like a cult. They feed (and are fed by) the very same  Corporate Growth Machine of Death that's already "consumed" the souls of mankind and the vast majority of the Spirit of Life in Nature.

These, our most valuable treasures, are already gone, already "consumed" by the endless growth of greedy cheaters.

We are reaching the last chapters in the story of wild fish and wild life in California at exactly the same time as California's "environmentalists" have already grown our population past all points of natural support, rationality, or sustainability.

Most of the "environmentalists" I know are disgusting hypocrites, being what I call the, "corporate greens."

This in not a new story. The wild fish have been pushed gradually and inextricably to extinciton by our last fifty years of offshoring production to filthy nations and onshoring vast populations of cheap legal and illegal labor:


OUR GROWTH is Driving Extinction
California Fishery Failure
‘Time is of the essence’: Fisheries face uncertainty


It's time to close the border and clean house, to bring our democracy and ecology back together on our own Constitutional standards.

International Corporate Greed and Corruption have Failed. We are not going to clean up our ecology until after we clean the corporate cheaters out of first, politics, then sweep them all, all these greedy, cheating, "globalized" bastards right out of our Nation.

That's not a problem for them, our corporate "leaders," as they've advocated mass immigration for a long time. Now it's time for them, our corporate "leaders," to, "practice what they preach," and get the fuck out of our country. Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

Oh, and I hear they enjoy practicing kidnapping, murder, and torture, too! Hummmm....

These, "folks," being all of the political and economic cheaters who've insulated themselves among us, should never forget that what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

No More Cheaters!

Corporate "environmentalism" is a complete joke. A fucking farce.

Jerry Brown: Corporate Green Leader of California

Corporate Greens: Finishing Off California Fish

Predictable Failure of the Fake Corporate Greens

The End of the Age of Cheaters draws near... as does the age of wild fish...



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