DNC tries to steal public names of National Park Historical Landmarks

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 05 January 2015

Here's a pretty good account of the Corporate shenanigans Delaware North Corporation is using to try to extort 51 million taxpayer's dollars via the National Park Service.

Well, the Devil Needs Cash...and the Devil Never Cares how he gets it...

East Bay Express, Hijacking Yosemite.

Thanks, DNC! I can think of thousands of ways the Department of the Interior could punish DNC. DNC needs the federal government to survive, and I say it is time DNC's existence on this planet ended...

Post up your insights and ideas and any other good information you have about this heist...

But no problem. DNC has likely already offered to split the money, "contribuiting" half the heist to one political party or the other, maybe sharing it between all...

That's how things are done nowadays, with corporations claiming the right to "super-citizen" status, underwriting both parties will millions while buying and selling and politicians of both on the "open market."

We get to "vote" for the selections of the corporate bribed and controlled parties (BOTH of them), and we get to watch while the resulting office-holders of both parties give away our rights and resources to their corporate masters, then go to work for them after looting the public trust..

In such people's hands are the fates of our country's "values" and nature's bounty "entrusted."

I "vote" that we eliminate corporate bribery, level the political "contribution" playing field, and restore our democracy.

Greed has a price!

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I say we should ban DNC from any business or contracts from any arm of "our" government, until they decide we own the place names of historic places in Yosemite, & not them. 


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A Trump family lawyer and D.C. insider enters fight over trademarked Yosemite names,
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Yosemite concessionaire wants $44 million for trademarked park names,
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