Central-Northeast-Southeast US SUPERCHILL: Now a Supercharged Northeaster

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 January 2018



Crashing Weather Patterns
Central-Northeast-Southeast US SUPERCHILL

Now a Supercharged Northeaster

Storm Formation off Coasts of Flordia, Georgia & Carolinas

'Bombogenesis' takes aim at U.S. Northeast as South hit by snow,
Reuters, January 3, 2018.


Then the Storm Moves up to Atlantic New England:


First Comes the Bone-Rattling Cold, Then Comes the Snow Bomb,
Bloomberg, January 3, 2018.


Explosive de-Moisturization

We've already seen this scenario of a vast sheet of super-cold mid-Winter Arctic cold air slip off the top of the planet, and slide down over the Central and Eastern US, play out a few times as the Arctic Summer Ice has melted-out, and the Arctic Winter no longer spins-down into the frigid Polar Vortex. This deeply affects weather patterns here, in the Northeast Pacific and Western US by changing the "Arctic Factors" feeding into Wintertime Hadley Cell location, which interact with West Pacific and Equatorial conditions to create and affect Jet Stream and Storm Track formation. The factors at play over the continental United States are quite different.

Here in the NE Pacific the sloppy and warm Winter Arctic fails to cool down and contract into a spinning vortex of cold, which fails to draw West and Central Pacific Moisture North. It also fails to "keep things moving along" in Gulf Alaska. Here, the weakened Arctic allows both large Lows and vast Highs to set-up and persist in Gulf Alaska. Both the failure to draw moisture North, and keep storms moving across Gulf Alaska disrupt the normal rhythms, the normal progression of Highs and Lows circulating in the Northeast Pac.

Across the continental United States the loss of "Arctic Vortex Spin-down" allows great sheets of cold air to slide off and out of the Arctic across Canada's tundra and boreal forests into the Central and Eastern US.

It's beyond ironic when Arctic heating deep-freezes the majority of the continental US, including the South and Southeast.

Right now the severity of the differential between Arctic and New England air is going to trigger the atmosphere off the coast of New England to explosively blow-out all of its moisture. Damn!


 Arctic "Issues"

What Happens when You Grow Too Big for your Britches? The Arctic Vortex Weakens!


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