2018 Water-Climate News: Drying Times, Colorado River in Trouble? Naw, millions of people are

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 January 2018


Water & Climate News

Colorado Shrinks in Face of Growing Megacities

Dry start to winter prompts ugly forecast for Colorado River,
Vegas Review-Journal, January 3, 2018.

Bad News
54% Average Runoff Forecast during upcoming Key April to July period of water collection.

Good News
Last Year's Rain forstalled End of Lake Mead, for now...

Hilarious! Water managers cheer higher level of Lake Mead during last year's biggest runoff in over a decade. It's funny because they can't see the headlights of the car that's about to hit them!

The headlights are on the "car" of the irresponsible growth of vast populations these traitors have already stuffed, and are still stuffing, into a vast, drying desert during rapidly heating and drying times. They've got a break from the epic-flood season last year,  but the water situation is still grim, even after that, and is getting rapidly grimmer.

I say "traitors" because they put people and profits above our rule of law, and are only appointed by throughly-bribed politicians. Forwarding the endless physical growth of their psychological, actually psychotic greed, is the goal driving their whole agenda.

It's hilarious because the growth they have pushed, and are pushing,  is exactly what's been killing the climate that provides the very water required for their growth. Nobody sees this?

The only questions are, "How much loot, and for how long will they get away with it, before their scam collapses?"

Cheer now, fools, because the trends of drying and warming are just beginning to pick up speed, after forty years of slow, steady deepening and worsening in the face of the steady irresponsible growth and offshoring that's driving our climate changes.

It's perfectly clear that this next decade is going to kick our asses on the West Coast and Southwest of the USA, and our corporate leaders are doing everything in their power to make it worse, to make as much money as quickly as they can, before the water goes away.

54%? In a few years that will be considered, "good news."

Times are a changing...

Are you?

Arizona is not:
Squeezing Out the Last Growth in a Drying Desert

Lake Mead in Deep (Shallow?) Trouble



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