GEO NEWS, Geology, Climate, and Life Before the Reign of Man

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 14 November 2017



Geology, Climate, and Life

Before the Reign of Man

When continents break it gets warm on Earth,

It's entertaining to look at the "bookends" of life here on Earth, being the physical, chemical, and biological "spaces" we very complex biological units exist within. One of those most fundamental "bookends" of our Geo-Chemical "foundation," are the physical processes creating, distributing, and regulating the temps, elements, molocules, & chemicals present throughout the formation and evolution of the early Earth.

Our planet "threaded the eyes of many needles" across a wide variety of the foundational parameters necessary to even make possible the complexity of life that's evolved here on Earth, having first fallen between the extremes of excessive atmosphere frying Venus, and the almost no atmosphere choking-out Mars. But, we had a little help.

We also had something else operating on this planet. Life. We "started out" as a warm ball of CO2. It was only after life converted this warm CO2 atmosphere to a cooler O2 environment that the complexity of life took off.
Though our planet's geological processes have been responsible for setting many of the fundamental parameters of our weather since the beginning up until now, another powerful influence is the "biological effect," if we can believe the research above.
The key operative issue is "up until now." This is where things get incredibly ironic. Natural biological and geological interactions have dominated planet Earth for billions of years, since the beginning of life on Earth. Until now. Until the decisions of abstract creatures, one species, us, kicked that relationship aside 200 years ago at the start of the industrial revolution.

Now the most complex form of life produced by the "O2 Revolution," us humans, are now very rapidly converting the atmosphere back to CO2, with dire consequences for all living things.

We are doing it, converting our CO2, in such a way it also triggers the release huge amounts of additional CO2 and methane bound up in ice and permafrost cold storage. The old "double-whammy."

It's ironic that the "emergent" and "inherent" forces of the Sprit of Life present on this planet, being the fundamental forces driving the initial physical and biological transformations of our planet, and its subsequent evolution to self-conscious abstraction, have done nothing more than spawned the life form that will destroy it.

That's the Ultimate Self-Consuming Irony!

If the above is correct, and we humans cannot find more meaningful behavior patterns than satisfying our own greed and physical gratifications, then we are no more than a cosmic joke, a cosmic "hot foot" that we are giving ourselves.

One thing is for certain: geological and biological processes have been pushed aside as regulators of our atmosphere, & humans are now in this planet's driver's seat. Hang on.



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