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Meiss Country Roadless Area

Backpacking Meiss Country Roadless. Not quite a Wilderness, but the Meiss area is as close as you can get.

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Round Lake to Meiss Meadow Spring backpacking High Sierra

A little over two miles South of Round Lake on the trail we will encounter the Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite Trails. This junction is within sight of the Meiss Cabin and Barn in Meiss Meadow.

Three trail guide pages cover the section of trail heading South between Round Lake and Meiss Meadow, and that link will bring you to the Northernmost of them.

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Winter Backpacking Gear Video and Notes: Selection thoughts, Worse Case Scenario, First Aid Kit

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Now that we've checked out our Winter layering options, we now have to tailor our selections to the weather conditions we are anticipating from our route and weather conditions research and balance this with our own personal level of cold tolerance.

Then we have to throw in the extra layer necessary to deal with worse-case scenarios.

Check out the Tahoe to Whitney gear list for layering options, and the discussion about layering.

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Winter Backpacking Survival: Frozen Lake Breakthrough, Self Rescue, and Recovery


This incident happened about eight or nine years ago during a late-Winter snowshoe trip. I recount it now so you can avoid my stupid mistakes and learn from my errors. My experience may give you an extra option for self-rescue after breaking through the ice on a frozen lake.

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Hiking Trip Plan: Pacific Crest & Tahoe to Yosemite from Meyers

This is your page for questions and comments on the Hiking Trip Plan for heading South out of the South Upper Truckee trailhead in Meyers to link up with the Pacific Crest and Tahoe to Yosemite trails at the trail junction near Meiss Cabin.

From the Meiss Cabin junction these famous trails are unified for a short distance South, until you reach the Carson Gap.

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Bear in Carson Gap: Video and Pictures

Bear encountered heading North into Meiss Meadow through Carson Gap. Video and pictures on Carson Gap page of the trail guide. 

Black Bear heading South into the Lake Tahoe Basin through the Carson Gap towards Meiss Meadow

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Round Lake, Meiss Country: Questions, Comments, Experiences

This is your page for comments, questions, or your experiences at and around Round Lake. If you have pictures, videos, or maps that would highlight your experiences in the Meiss Country Roadless Area, Register.

 Round Lake overlooked by Pinnacle in Spring.

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Q&A with your experiences Big Meadow Trail Junction, Meiss Country

This is the place for your questions, comments, and experiences with the trail from Big Meadow that joins our trail .58 of a mile below Round Lake, and .28 of a mile above the Dardanelles Lake trail junction.

Big Meadow trail junction beween the South Upper Truckee trailhead, Round Lake, and the Big Meadow trailhead.


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Comments: Dardanelles Lake trail junction Meiss Country Roadless Area

Backpacker Comments: Dardanelles Lake trail junction, Meiss Country Roadless Area.

If you have questions, comments, or experiences around Dardanelles Lake, post them up here. Register to post your own Dardanelles Lake page in this Forum.

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Comments: South Upper Truckee River trailhead through Burnt Area

Your Questions-Comments-Experiences: The lower section of the South Upper Truckee Trail /South out of Meyers in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Register to post your own page in this forum about your experiences and advice for other hikers on this trail.

This page is the feedback page for the two trail guide pages between the lower South Upper Truckee trailhead and the Dardanelles trail junction pages on the trail guide. 

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Favorite Campsite in the Meiss Country Roadless Area

Though I call out Showers Lake as the best campsite between Echo Summit and the Carson Gap in the Meiss Country Roadless Area, I want to hear about your favorite places to camp in Meiss Country.

Showers Lake Sunset, P.Skaff. 2009.

Showers Lake Sunset, P. Skaff, 2009.

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