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High Sierra Mountain Safety. Hazards & Alerts: Winter of 2018



Hazards & Alerts: High Sierra Winter of 2018

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THE WINTER of 2018

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Fall 2017 Hazards & Alerts

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First Trans-Sierra Snow Road Closures, 2017, Tioga Road & Sonora Pass



Fall-Winter of 2017

Tioga Pass Road Closed Due To Snow,
Sierra News Online, September 21, 2017.


Hwy 108 Closed at Kennedy Meadows

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Tahoe to Whitney on NPR: Insight explores Winter Survival Skills

Friday December 13 2013 was a lucky day for Tahoe to Whitney.

Alex Wierbinski, the backpacker behind the Tahoe to Whitney trail guide and forum projects, was heard on National Public Radio's Insight, "A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region." Alex was one of host Beth Ruyak's three guests discussing the hazards of Winter travel and dealing with emergency Wintertime situations.

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December Trail Conditions Update: 2010. Looking Ahead, Looking Behind

Looking back, Since my last High Sierra Trail update in early October, I have been closely tied to this computer, working ceaselessly to compile, organize, layout and present the vast amount of digital and literary information I've collected about the trails between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

This work on the content of the trail guide has pulled me away from reporting on current conditions, let alone experiencing them.

In the meantime, Fall has deepened, and Winter conditions have established themselves across the Sierras.

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Idiot Tip: Emergency Snowshoes

Many years ago a friend of mine moved to Meyers, nestled in beautiful Christmas Valley below Echo Summit. This is on the Southeastern side of Lake Tahoe. I was a downhill skier, and enjoyed much of what Tahoe offered during the Winter. I visited all the time, and especially during Winter. Though a backpacker, I had no Winter skills at that time.

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