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BACKPACKER ALERT: February 20, 2017

 Hey Hikers,

Alex here, from Tahoe to Whitney.

Sorry about the delay contacting you. I have had a series of distracting personal events while Nature has cut loose. Nonetheless, I have been tracking the wild weather across the Backpacker News Pages on the Forum and the Backpacker's Calendar on the Trail Guide. I hope you've checked them out and found them useful and informative.

Recent Backpacker News

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May 22 2016 Backpacker Alert

May 22, 2016


Current Conditions:
Unstable weather conditions bringing snow and cold rains down onto the two feet of snow already on the crest bring very dangerous conditions for early season backpackers in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

All High Sierra Rain & Snow Forecasts

All Current High Sierra Radar

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Winter to Spring to Summer 2015-16: Depths of Drought to Depths of Flooding?

December 11 2015

Our goal here is to track each stage of the Fall-Winter-Spring transition to Summer conditions. Our main goal is to determine when trails will open to Summer conditions.

As Fall comes to a close certain patterns have manifested themselves. These have set the stage for the advent of Winter. We've seen that the remnants, the tail ends of the tropical fronts hitting the Sierra have put a reasonable Fall coat of snow on the Sierra.

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2015 WEATHER NEWS: California Drought, Fire, El Nino and Floods?


                       December 30, 2015 

This is the collection point tracking the profound changes in seasonal weather patterns and the resulting chaos in the webs of life that we are experiencing through 2015.

See 2016 Climate Tracking

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Mosquitoes and Seasonal Temperature Shifts: Backpacking the High Sierra.

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  Backpacking the High Sierras 

Mosquitoes and Seasonal Temperature Shifts

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High Sierra Backpacking Weather Information, Application, and Resources

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There are three types of High Sierra Backpacking Weather assets: Good Information, Proper application of that information, and your resources and experiences.

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