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News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, & People, 2018 sticky icon

News of Fish, Water, Oceans, Ice, & People, 2018

This is the High Sierra
Fish, Oceans, Ice, Sealife, & Water News

The Fish News has been stretching into Fish & River News, now into covering Water Issues generally. We cover water as it stands, pools, flows, freezes, and precipitates. A step further, we cover how water affects the things that most directly depend on it, the things that grow, swim, drink, ship, & store water.

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Climate Change News, 2018, Ocean Effects of Warming Times: Ocean Oxygen Disappearing


Climate Change News
Ocean Effect
Warming Times

Ocean Oxygen Disappearing

The ocean is losing its breath -- here's the global scope,
University of California - San Diego, January 4, 2018.


The Corporate Growth Machine of Death

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Ocean-Abalone Collapse: Corporate Growth Machine brings Death to Land, Air, & Sea



Ocean-Abalone Collapse

Corporate Growth Machine brings Death to Land, Air, & Sea

Dept. of Death at Sea

California’s abalone fishery to be closed next year to protect crashing fishery,
Press Democrat, December 8, 2017.


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Water News: Vast Pacific Ocean Biosystems Breaking Down, Abalone Collapse with Kelp Forests



Vast Pacific Ocean Biosystems Breaking Down

Abalone Collapse with Kelp Forests

The widespread collapse of kelp forests off the Northern California coast has devastated abalone populations.
East Bay Express, November 29, 2017.

The Abalone disappears as the environment supporting the Abalone breaks down and disappears.


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Ocean Waters and Its Airs: A Nutrient-Rich Environment



Ocean Waters and Its Airs

A Nutrient-Rich Environment

Ocean atmosphere rife with microbes,


It's A Microbial World

Microbes in Space

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