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East Carson River Bear Country

I've seen bears and bear sign here as long as I've been coming here.

Bear behavior has been on a long term trend of increasing familarity with humans, and increasing numbers for the past couple of decades.

Then Vic Bergstrom sold the Little Antelope Pack Station to Joe. Joe's opened up the bear hunting in the Eastern Sierra around the East Carson River. This has changed the trajectory of bear behavior as well as their distribution.

This is a general post about bear encounters on the trails and in the terrain around the upper reaches of the East Carson River.

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Bear Track: Dorothy Lake

Bear Tracks just South of Dorothy Lake Pass.

Hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail on the South side of Dorothy Lake at the very top of Jack Main Canyon.

Yosemite National Park, just South of Dorothy Lake Pass where we entered the park. 

I decided to hike East a bit to check out the little unnamed lake a bit South of Dorothy Lake, and inspected the dried out little ponds that dot the meadow. 

I found a bunch of tracks, and the most prominent were the bear tracks.

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Bear, Black, Tracks, High Sierra, Carson Iceberg Wilderness

Bear, Black, Tracks, High Sierra, Carson Iceberg Wilderness 

April 24, 2004

Bear Tracks standing above snow level, East Fork of the Carson River.

 The weight of the walker, in this case a bear, compresses the snow as they pass, leaving tracks.

As the snow mass melts the compressed snow creating the tracks melts much slower than the surrounding snow, pushing the tracks above the receeding snow.

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Mum, the bear is eating me & NOLS attack

This rather morbid story is out of Sibera via Australia, and describes Brown Bear behaviors which are totally unheard of in the Sierra Nevada. 

But this violent behavior is not unknown in Black Bears in Alaska, and by hungry or scared Brown Bears anywhere.

Mum, the bear is eating me: Final terrified phone calls of teen Olga Moskalyova, Daily Telegraph, au, 8-18-11


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Encounter: Evan and the Bear North Mokelumne River Camp Irene

Encounter: Evan and the Bear North Mokelumne River Camp Irene

Coming South out of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail from Camp Irene I met Evan. Evan was having bear problems.

This bear story is on the Camp Irene page of the trail guide.

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Scientists uncover surprising features of bear hibernation

Scientists uncover surprising features of bear hibernation

Metabolism independent of body temperature

Article: University of Alaska Fairbanks

It's good to know as much as we can about our furry friends. This facinating research enhances our knowledge about bear phisiology, which may also explain why bears are cranky in Spring: It takes them weeks to fully wake up!

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Backpacking Bear Encounter, Poison Flat, June 2, 2010

Bear Encounter, June 2, 2010.

Backpacking West across the broken snow and muck of Poison Flat (where it is, how to get there) towards the East Carson River, one could not help but notice the tremendous amount of bear tracks in the soft terrain.

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Wilderness News: Crazy Bear attack at Yellowstone

Yellowstone bear attack kills 1, injures 2,  July  29, 2010.

Read the Article

I think we have driven nature crazy.

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The Spring Thaw: Opening the Summer Backpacking Season, June 2010

 I just returned from a nine day late Spring scouting trip to the Central and Northern High Sierras yesterday, the 9th of June. Because of the rapidly changing conditions in the Sierras, this report is a kind of moving snapshot of those changing conditions.

The Sonora Gap, where the PCT heads South from Sonora Pass

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 This bear greeted me when I was approaching my campsite at the Silver King Creek. I was heading down to my old campsite nestled by the Silver King Creek, and I was still high up on the Eastern Ridge above the ford, when I noticed this guy cruising around the flat near where both a tributary cut into the Silver King, and my trail fords it.


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